February Half Term Garden Project.

This was the Old House Garden in Dec 2017. We have lots of Plans and so decided to try to get started!

The Old House Garden in Dec 2017

The horrid summer-house where only the cats loved, had to go!
It’s gone! Hooray! It took 2 days and a whole skip but it’s gone!
We decided to try to take away the stump left from when we removed the Leylandii.

You can read about what the garden looked like 2 years ago when we moved in here

My mum’s dog, Primrose came to stay. She is soooo cute!
The space left is huge!


So what would you do with this space? We thought about putting the new pond here but it’s such a large space! It’s a place that gets sun all day so the large border could just be extended? Or perhaps we could put a trellis across the area to connect to the archway to make this section more defined?

I’d be interested in what you think.

We also met with our Architect and Builder today to talk about the plans for the house. The extension is going to be beautiful! I’ll just say….Green Oak and leave it at that for now!!

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