The Old House Bedroom

It’s taken us a while to do any work inside the Old House as we’ve waiting for planning permission to make some changes. However, the rooms I wanted to be decorated and finished were our bedrooms. The children’s bedrooms are clean and functional but at the moment, lack in storage so when we were thinking about extensions and renovations, we knew we needed to include more storage. Until that work starts, we have made do with what we have and I have painted some of the wardrobes to keep them fresh.

Today, I thought I would share with you some photos from our bedroom as I’m really pleased with how it’s looking, I’m not the best photographer and don’t often have time to stage amazingly lit photos but I have tried to share with you photos of parts of the bedroom that I love!

The old house bedroom
Painted wardrobes and lamps by Dar Lighting.

These wardrobes were left in the house by the previous owners. I will would like to have built-in wardrobes in this space but until then, I painted them using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and added sections of Laura Ashley wallpaper and new handles. It’s a really easy project to do but you do need to wax the whole wardrobe afterwards otherwise the paint will flake off. I used a mixture of Old White and Paris Grey until I got the colour I wanted.

I painted the walls in a Little Greene  paint called Welcome. I have added some photos here to show you how different it looks in different lights! It’s a grey colour with a hint of pink in it so can look a soft grey or a soft mauve. I love it! I wanted to use a historic paint colour and took quite a while to choose this colour.

The old house bedroom
Pretty bedroom.

I recently bought the bedside lamps from Dar Lighting.
I love them and think they look gorgeous either side of the bed on top of my mirrored bedside tables. My mirrored Jewellery pots are from Laura Ashley and the lovely pink dish I bought on holiday in Spain a few years ago.

The fabric for my curtains came from Cath Kidston. It’s called Birds and Roses in cream. They don’t make it anymore unfortunately. My friend made me these curtains and put a waterproof lining in them as my house has so much condensation! This has protected them against mould. I bought the tie backs at a local department store.
My bedroom chair was bought over 10 years ago from  Laura Ashley  and they still make it. It’s called the Pemberley and I have it in Chalk Pink. I love this chalky pink with grey and think it looks fantastic.

The old house bedroom
I love my period fire place!

The fireplaces were already here and I love that they are stripped back to wood. It adds a warmth to this room. My mum gave me this lovely jug and bowl so I’m not sure where this is from but it just adds a little period feature to this room. I would like to buy a new French mirror for this space but for now, we have a plain over mantel mirror here. The rose print I got from a vintage sale and was only £2. I plan to put it on the wall eventually!

I’m pleased with the Old House bedroom! I think a bedroom has to be tranquil and pretty so that you can relax in it. I bought a grey blanket and duvet set from Laura Ashley but there are lots of sets that would go with the pretty, grey theme. On the left of the bed I have a wall of family photos all in mismatching cream photo frames which I also love but won’t be sharing as the teenagers like their privacy.
I promised you all more interior posts so I hope you enjoyed seeing inside my home. What do you think? I’d be interested in your views.

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  • This is scrumptious …. I will be referencing back to your blog SO often when I get going with a rather large project later in the year ….. exquisite taste dear lady xx

    • Ahh thank you dear one. I hope you share, share too…I’d love to see what you are up to! Our project is getting larger by the day……and it’s all rather daunting! 😳

      • I will be starting the retrospective on the Maison Catastrophe again on Monday and trying to make sure I post every week until we are up to date (which is still pretty catastrophic!) and then I will be moving to the new project if there is an appetite for it …. I have one vote from you, at least which is probably enough for me – I don’t take much persuading … could be called a pushover in fact! Bon courage to you and lots of strength to keep persevering – what you are achieving is really wonderful and I know how difficult it can be to see that when you are so close x

  • Your bedroom is most pleasing. I liked the colors and prints. My husband is more of a decorator than I am, so my job is just to be pleased with the lovely things others pick out. I’m a fan of your bedroom!

  • I love the Pemberley. I really need a bedroom chair – this could be it. I do a lot of house renovation, but lack the artistic flair to put the all important finishing touch in. I should pay more attention to sites like yours. #ThatFridayLinky

    • Well maybe I could help you with your interiors and you could help me with my coming up renovation! Thanks for stopping by. X

  • Pink and grey are a winning combo always aren’t they! You’ve done an amazing job on that wardrobe and I didn’t know about waterproof lining for curtains, so clever as the mold problem drives me insane! #blogsravaganza

  • The bedroom looks wonderful. I love the colors and the accents. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty

  • I absolutely love what you have done, in particular I love that fireplace it’s beautiful Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

  • The wardrobes look amazing! And I love your curtains. I used chalk paint on my black bedroom furniture and it transformed our bedroom. It made the whole space lighter. Your bedside lamps are really beautiful too. Just love your style! 💙 #thesatsesh

    • Thank you so much! Yes, chalk paint is brilliant isn’t it?

  • That’s a beautiful bedroom. I love how you’ve upcycled your wardrobe (something i’d like to do if I ever get time!) and that lamp is lovely. Your blog is making me wish I had an old house in the shires 😊 #thesatsesh

  • I love how you’ve up cycled your wardrobe (something I’d like to do if I ever get time!) and that lamp is gorgeous. Your blog is making me wish that I had an old house in the shires 😊 #thesatsesh

  • I absolutely adore those lamps! I’ll be keeping them in mind as we have the bedroom to decorate this year! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

    • They are amazing aren’t they? So in love with them except Hubbie has added bulbs that change colour🤨

  • I tried to comment on this post yesterday but it isn’t showing up for some reason?! I love the wardrobes and those lamps. Your blog is making me wish we had an old house (with enough space for the 6 of us!). Thanks for linking up to #thesatsesh

    • Thank you. It showed up this end but weirdly, I couldn’t comment on it so thank you for commenting again. X

  • I love how you’ve pulled this room together, it has a really consistent style. I love Little Greene paints, I’ve used them in quite a few rooms in our house, and I love how they go on, and the matte finish. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    • Yes, they work really well don’t they. X

  • What a peaceful bedroom. We have used Welcome in our hall for a warm ‘welcome’ (then brightened it up with one wall painted yellow).

  • The old house has old world charm with Laura Ashley and Cath Kidston additions. They both do lovely work. Your photos are lovely and do them justice.

    • Oh thank you Norah! You are so kind. I love all the vintage prints that they do. xx

  • It’s beautiful, you’ve done a lovely job of making it feel cosy and a place you want to spend time in. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  • Love what you’ve done with the wardrobe! The fireplace and bed look very inviting as well. I won’t lie i am a little envious – your bedroom looks like a sanctuary and I would love to have that as ours is just a bit of a tip! #thesatsesh xx

    • Ah thank you Hayley! I’m sure its not! Although mine doesn’t always look this great!

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