How to Create a Relaxing Atmosphere at Home.

The home is a place where you want to kick back and relax  and forget about all the stresses of the world. But everybody knows that it is never that easy to simply find peace and quiet in your home. There are chores to do, tidying, cleaning, cooking, upkeep, and everything in between!
But there are still solutions that you can explore to find the perfect relaxing atmosphere within the home. It’s important; our homes are our sanctuaries after all. There are many ways to create just a little bit more ambience of calm. Consider seeking these solutions to make you fall in love with your home’s atmosphere all over again.

There aren’t many things better than sliding into a piping hot bath after a long day at work or doing tasks out and about or in the home. You get to pour yourself a glass of wine, sit with a book and ease that stress that seems to engulf every day of your life.
But if you want to feel even more relaxed, then you can consider researching hot tubs that can make this relaxing experience even better than it already is. I would love a hot tub! I don’t think you would get me out in fact and I suffer from back pain. Finding products with massaging jets can ease the strain on your joints and muscles, and leave you feeling refreshed no matter how tiring your day or week was.

Fresh flowers in an old Dutch milk jug
Fresh flowers in an old Dutch milk jug.

Filling the home with plants and greenery is something that not only adds splashes of colour all around but also helps with your physical and mental health. Having plants around the home improves the air quality which leads to better blood pressure and heart rate.
Furthermore, these plants can also contribute to lowering anxiety, making you less stressed after a long day. This will have a beneficial effect on you and your family and improve your happiness and wellbeing overall, meaning a more relaxed atmosphere, and a prettier, sweeter smelling home, also.

Old house sitting room
My sitting too, before the children have woken up!

You might walk around your home and find that you are stressed because there seems to be so much that is broken, damaged, or just in the way. A cluttered house makes for a cluttered mind, and so taking steps to fix these issues will be the first step towards making the house a more relaxing place. I find that I relax better once I’ve cleaned my house! It doesn’t stay that way for long but early on a Sunday morning, I have the Lounge to myself!
While you don’t need to tackle everything at once, you could start with the little fixes    such as freshening up any chipped paint on door frames or replacing handles. Furthermore, you and the family can work towards decluttering the home and donating unneeded toys and other items to charity, which will also improve your happiness, and others’, as well. I also find perfect lighting really helps to create a calming space and ‘hides’ features that you don’t want to see necessarily!

Dog relaxing
And relax……

While you might feel overcome by stress now, taking steps towards improving the atmosphere in the home will give you the chance to feel more at peace and calm around the house. Happiness begins at home, and so ensuring that you can make your home as relaxing and easy-to-live as possible will go along way towards improving your happiness and reducing stress levels that will allow you to focus on working on your hobbies and whatever else you love.
If all else fails….get a Dottie dog. Honestly, a dog fixes everything! Xx
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  • I definitely need to start making my home a more relaxing place! I have started with plants and flowers and have an air humidifier what I use essential oils in bit I need to tackle the clutter 🤤 I love the photos of your home by the way

    • Oh thank you! I love the idea of oils in your dehumidifier! I could definateky try this. Thanks for the tip.

      • No problem (though it’s a humidifier/oil diffuser rather than a dehumidifier). I pop lavender in at the kids’ bedtime. I like to tjink it calms tjem down a bit… 😂

        • I used to pop that in my kids bath with the same hope….😊

  • Hi, I am lucky as my house is a relaxing place to be, in the winter its by the fire watching tv and in the summer its relaxing in the conservatory watching the world go by. I do need to mend a few things though, so this has prompted me to do so #MondayStumble

  • Oh how I miss taking long hot baths. That was my ultimate relaxation when I used to get home from work after a long and tiring day. Loved to destress this way. Unfortunately now with the drought in Cape Town and water restrictions in place – running a bath is no longer an option. Less than 2 minute showers is more like it. Now curling up on the couch with a good book is my time to relax.#globalblogging

    • Of course, I hadn’t really thought about that. With all our rain in the U.K., taking a bath is bliss especially with a glass of wine! ☺️

  • I have to declutter my home soon! I decluttered (for the most part) my room because that’s where my home office is but I have yet to get to the rest of it lol. #MondayStumble

    • I love decluttering! It’s so cathartic and I feel I can’t relax until my house is just so…..just me I expect!

  • Beautiful photos of your lovely home. Thanks for sharing! 🙂 Dottie is adorable

  • In two weeks time we’re going to move into a house which has a bath tub. I haven’t had one for years, can’t wait!! I will also pay attention to your advice about plants, plus trying to keep it clutter free x

  • Treating myself to flowers (usually faux) certainly brightens up a place and colour can bring warmth. I also find that there are a number of things that broken (thanks kids) and missing pegs (wonders whether hubby ate them!) #globalblogging

    • Yes, I also love house plants at the moment too. X

  • I’ll show my hubby this as I agree a dog is magic! We actually have 4 which makes home very cosy. I agree a cluttered house for me does equal a cluttered mind, I love coming home and snuggling with my dogs and being in a lovely home that has all the possessions, people and animals I love. Lovely post I love your home Thank you for joining us for #ablogginggoodtime

    • Thanks for having me. I’d love a second dog. X

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