You know you’re a Primary School Teacher when…..

Being a primary school teacher is exhausting at times but also great fun and is very rewarding as a job. I have been a teacher for over 20 years and I hope other teachers may relate to this post!

You know you are a Primary School Teacher when:

1. You get excited by new felt tip pens, pencil cases and unicorn shaped erasers.
2. You are still buying school shoes in your 40’s.
3. You get called ‘Mum’ at least 3 times a day.
4. You are capable of eating a meal in under 5 minutes and going all day without using the toilet because you need to hear children read/mark homework/prepare for science.
5. You have given up explaining the fact that your holidays are fair and that you work past 3.30pm.

6. You can correct a badly behaved child in the supermarket with your ‘teacher face.’
7. In that same supermarket, you know you are a teacher when you run away from a certain 6 year old’s parent who you do NOT want to see.
8. Then you accidentally bump into that said parent but smile politely and ask after their darling (demonic) child anyway.
9. Even in your 20’s, you are old and every flaw you ever had and more have been pointed out to you by little children.
10. You can never, ever change your hair/make up/shoes/coat without someone noticing (and it’s not your other half!).

You know you are a primary school teacher
Teachers love their pretty stationery!

10. You question a child’s personality or behaviour until you meet their ‘quirky’ parents.
11. You don’t mind your legs being stroked/hand being held by someone that is not your partner.
12. You stand in the supermarket thinking about how you can use lentils in the classroom as they are on special offer. You realise that you are wearing a ‘I am amazing’ sticker in the supermarket queue.
13. You spend Sunday afternoons in January on Pinterest looking for Easter planning ideas to share with your colleagues.
14. You have superpowers and can tell if someone is lying/weed their pants/stolen someone else’s snack.
15. You own a laminator, staple gun, have piles of coloured card at home and own hundreds of children’s books even if your own children are older

16. You have cried in private about that certain kid that worries you so much it keeps you awake at night.
17. That same kid doesn’t come to school the next day and you worry some more.
18. You have heard every bad parenting story and it sadly doesn’t even shock you anymore.
19. You are not shocked either by the stupid names that parents name their children or the different ways of spelling Elisha/Alisha/Ealishea/Eleeshaa.
20. Despite all the crap from everyone (government, policy, parents) and poor comparative salary, you are still amazed at the power of learning something new and the excitement that brings to a young child’s face.


My lovely friend, Hayley over at Missionmindfulness blog has written a post about her experiences as a
secondary school teacher . Do take a look!

You know you’re a primary school teacher when....oldhouseintheshires. #teaching

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    • Thank you. Oh I bet you have some stories to share too…x

    • Haha! Yes, it happens a lot during story time with little ones!

    • Ah thank you. It’s tricky sometimes but it is a true vocation and I love it.

  • Thanks for sharing this Sophie, it was fun to read. I have a few friends who are teachers, most are secondary but a couple are primary. This made me think of them, and I’ll be showing it to them too. They’ve talked about a couple of these points in the past so I’m sure they will appreciate it! 🙂

    • Thank you for commenting on this Kevin. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Perhaps your friends could add to it in the comments? X

  • All I want to say is thank you. Thank you for what you do, you and all your other colleagues. You can’t change the whole world but your influence on those little chaps and chapettes cannot be underestimated and woh betide any that try on my shift xx

    • Bless you as ever dear internet friend. You always leave such positive and frankly, nice comments! Your thanks is not needed but is kindly accepted. I love my job and wouldn’t change it for the world although I now have Tuesdays off and I’m off into the garden to dig some more of this pond that is turning into a pool! Xxx

  • This has given me a good giggle and I now feel I need to give a knowing nod to my Daughters reception teacher when I see her next. #TriumphantTales

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! Yes, she is amazing. Xx

  • I teach in an alternative high school and I have some of the same feelings as your list. #TriumphantTales

  • A great post! I LOVE stationery, spend time on Pinterest months in advance looking for seasonal crafts and have a killer look. If you’re not actually a teacher, but have all these ‘attributes’, are you just weird?

    • Sorry, forgot to say, found this through the great #DreamTeam linky

    • No! Maybe you are an aspiring teacher……:)

  • Funnily enough, a LOT of these apply to a stay at home mum too 😉 I’ve always had an internal debate about retraining as a teacher ( I have a Biology degree) but it gets a bad press sometimes! I’d be interested to know your thoughts!
    Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub

    • Do it! We need good teachers and with your degree you could opt for secondary or primary. You would probably get a grant too to do your PGCE as a science teacher. Teaching is exhausting, tiresome, full on and frankly bonkers at times but in the same breath it’s wonderful, exciting, rewarding and no two days are the same.

  • Good fun to read, thanks! ☺️ Though I’m not sure how I feel about being one of those ‘quirky’ parents…😬 Still, I laughed hard at the Aleeesha thing. I worked at Penguin’s former school for a few months, and there were some crazy names and some even crazier spellings, all as an expression of the parents’ ‘individuality’ 😄

    • Yes! Or felt tip pen on my leg….🤓 or an unmentionable on my trousers….snot etc etc!

  • I’m a mum of 3 primary aged children and can relate to quite a few of these (Pinterest has definitely become a friend when I’m trying to find stuff to entertain the kids). Thanks for sharing with #Thesatsesh

  • This is a great insight. It brought back an awful memory I have of calling my teacher ‘Mum’! How embarrassed I was! Thanks for sharing it with #TriumphantTales. Do come back next week.

  • This is brilliant!!! As a fellow teacher I was nodding along to all of your brilliantly observed points. I really loved points 2,5 & 10. #thesatsesh

    • Thanks Catie. I’m sure there be others you could add to. X

  • I always wanted to be a primary school teacher! Sadly I got the grades but didn’t have the circumstances to support me going to University, but it’s still a dream! (Plus I too own a laminator therefore it must be fate haha.) Thanks for linking up lovely x #DreamTeam

  • #thesatsesh ohhh I want lentil thoughts. As a secondary teacher so many of them are still relevant, kids don’t tend to stroke my legs as much but I’m often called Mum and my teacher face also works on adults AKA the Mr 🙂

  • I could do with some of those super powers…. and the stash of stationery!! #BlogCrush

  • I LOVE stationary, that’s definitely not just for teachers… although I did consider teaching once upon a time #coolmumclub

  • To be fair there’s a lot to be said for unicorn shaped erasers & staple guns…don’t envy you the parents in the supermarket though! #coolmumclub

  • I loved this post! I particularly liked numbers 6 and 7. Sometimes it’s not even the parent you want to run away from, but the children. Another is feeling the need to change your name it is said so often. Or the look on a child’s face when they see you outside of school for the first time. Of course the response to this is ‘yes I am allowed to leave’.

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