Does House Decoration Influence Home Love?

Does house decoration influence home love and positivity? Well yes, absolutely, but only I believe, if you make the right choices.  To build a loving home is no small feat, as it is the shared space within which yourself and your family thrive and collaborate. Every member of the family may want different things from the space too which may result in conflict. So, can we build a comfy home that promotes love and positivity? I hope this guide will help to provide you with some good advice on how to foster home love through your decoration choices.


It’s important to celebrate your family. That’s what the purpose of the home is for after all. If it wasn’t for them, you would likely not be living in the home you are. You may be travelling the world instead! To celebrate everything to do with your family, it can be worthwhile to show them how much they mean to you. This might mean collaborating together on a family mural or portrait. We have a huge family portrait hanging in our dining room which is a unique moment in time. I love having lots of family photographs all over the Old House and have a wall of photographs of the children in old vintage frame in my bedroom. You may love colour so splash lots of it around your home to show how colourful your family are!

Red cushions on a brown sofa and a dog in my home
I tend to use a lot of red as I just love it! I think Dottie thinks this is her sofa!


Humour  is one of the most important components of daily life. Without it, things get very dull, very quickly. You might not be the best comic genius in the world (and really, who is?) but that does not mean the object of humour is alien to you. You know its ability and healing power, so injecting a little of this into your home can be worthwhile.
It doesn’t need to be overblown or blunt, but it could be through hosting a few silly pictures of family members on your walls, or funny little quotes sewn into fabric frames. You can show your family personality through the cushions, fabrics or pictures that you use in your home.

Print by Mackenzie Thorpe of a dog and a cat in my home
I love this print that my mum gave to me a few years ago. I love the humour and the look on the animals faces!

Everyday chores

Now, no family likes chores (especially children,) but they must be done. If it feels like a fight to ask your children to clean their rooms once a week, it might be that you’re going around the whole business wrong. Instead of having this strange aura of expectation and aggravation in the household, why not instead craft a home schedule in which the chores and responsibilities of everyone are written down in a ‘family planner’ on the wall. This allows children to see how they contribute to the overall sustained health of the home and family, and help them feel part of the whole process of pitching in. Why not allow for silly witticisms and drawings to be made on this hung schedule also?
Depending on how you craft this functional piece of artwork, it could add a sense of even more connection between family members, and allow little tasks to be taken care of with the right thanks and less aggression or difficulty in teaching discipline.

The Dinner Table

Now, this is one of the most important areas of your entire house. Your dinner table is something that brings everyone together, preferably at least nightly and during most of the day at the weekends. If you understand why this is, you’ll see the importance. Let’s say dinner takes half an hour every night, and that’s when your family members are sat talking and reflecting on their day with one another. Half an hour times at least seven a week is three and a half hours throughout that period. That means fourteen hours a month. That means one hundred and sixty eight hours a year is spent sat with our family and discussing our day. Talking to our children rather than allowing them to eat in front of a screen, helps them in all sorts of ways but it will especially build family cohesion. I would love a new table but ours feels part of our family. If you are looking for a new table, you could use a website such as Oak Furniture – Could you place it in a more airy and lighter area of your dining room or home?

Also, don’t be afraid to truly go for the whole experience. Purchase nice place mats, nice drinking glasses and decent cutlery. Allow for comfortable chairs to be placed around the table. Light candles, and low-volume music to play through the dinner table. Allow everyone to have their seat at the table, because that brings stability with it. Try to avoid televisions or another difficult-to-justify distraction as of now.
Make sure people face each other (meaning that the candles do not obstruct the view,) and that you have a regular time here. This entire setting can be a place where some of the funniest family jokes are told, some of the inside stories that only you understand, and the hidden language that all close families have will naturally develop. Not bad for simply ensuring your family have a nice place to eat.


To cap off our post, we’d like to suggest the power of having motivational decoration around your home. A child walking past their trophies or certificates they might have worked hard to gain will certainly be the subconscious ‘you can do it!’ they might truly need. Just hanging up a piece of your child’s artwork in a lovely frame will tell them that your appreciate them.
With this advice, we hope that your home is filled with love and positivity that little bit more.

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  • Love this, we need to get round to re-decorating much of our house and this has given me some things to think about. I love the idea of a home schedule, and incompletely agree about the dining table being an important focal point. Thanks for posting this

  • Growing up the dinner table was always where we’d gather, even when it wasn’t dinner time. That’s what I hope for my house too. But we’re currently in the stages of doing up our kitchen so the dinner table is more of a dumping ground. Must change that soon! #blogstravaganza

    • Oh me too! Our kitchen table seems to be my sons wardrobe….

  • In the kid’s bathroom, I have 2 pictures that were in my sister’s bathroom when her kids were little. They are cute pictures with little kids in bathtubs with loads of bubbles. These have sort of become a family thing. When we are at the point of redoing the bathroom to a more teen theme I am hoping one of her kids will be ready to have them in their bathroom. Something silly but oh so personal. #blogstravaganza

  • Lovely post. We had our old home spot on, but having moved house 18 months ago we’re struggling a bit to put our family’s stamp on our new house to turn it into our home. It’s certainly taking time and patience but this has renewed my determination to get it right for us all. Thank you! #Blogstravaganza

  • This is great. I definitely think that how a house is decorated and furnished can influence how we feel in general and how we spend time together. Our hub is the kitchen table, there is always something happening in that space. I’m still waiting to get my hands our kitchen as it needs a complete re haul. Thanks for sharing with the #DreamTeam xx

    • Oh good luck with your kitchen! I know what that is like as we are in the process of creating a new one. x

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