6 on Saturday; it’s a snow day!

Hello there everyone! Here’s my 6 this Saturday. This meme is all about celebrating 6 things in your garden on a Saturday. It was started over at The Propagator . Do take a look by following the link. This post is all about the recent snow!


Dog with snow on its face
Dottie helped us to make a snowman!
This Mahonia is looking quite lovely!
Frozen pond
The Pond was completely frozen over.
bullfinch in the snow
Look at this puffed up little chap!


Bullfinch and GoldfinchTalking of birds; we have been feeding them throughout the winter and I managed to take some photos using my old camera using its zoom lens. They are not amazing quality but I did capture some of our visitors….

We also has pigeons, blackbirds, robins, greattits, thrushes, wood pigeon, doves, crows and magpies.
I think the snow will be gone by Monday as the wind is definitely not so cold today. Have a great weekend everyone and don’t forget to link up to #MyGloriousGardens Linky . It’s open now for your posts and there is a give away too….☺


  • Lovely pictures …. I’m a keen gardener but I’m not so good with names of birds … lovely post! Thanks for sharing 🌼

  • It’s been lovely (if a little worrying) seeing the birds frantically feeding up in the garden, hopefully the thaw will help them all get back to nesting

  • Lovely pictures of birds… and diversity ! To have some means that they feed well in your garden (and reproduce!)

    • Hopefully! I’ve put up some nesting boxes of different sizes so I would like to see them used. X

      • I managed last year with a family of blue tits. I have seen them coming back in the last few days … very happy that they seem to enjoy my DIY nest.

  • That bullfinch is gorgeous! He is on top on our list of birds we want to spot in our garden. Here’s hoping!

    • I’ve never seen him before so he must have been hungry! I have 2 old cats that are not interested in the birds but they still sometimes stay away. I would love to invite more but some of my bird feeders get raided by the squirrels!

  • Goodness! Everyone is writing bout the snow! I wrote about a white garden too, but not the same. I will be sure to change the subject next week.

  • Stretching Dotty looks how I feel at 6am, but as she’s a dog & has a garden full of snow, I suspect she’s just getting her muscles ready for a good old snow dance. A great photo of her & the house. You do have such a nice variety of birds at the feeder. Hopefully Mr Bullfinch’ll be a repeat customer.

    • Oh I hope so too. Many pigeons today…..and blackbirds.

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