I’m proud to call myself a Mindful Gardener.

I didn’t know that I had missed my time in the garden so much until this weekend. Was it the return of Monty in Gardeners World? Was it the fact that we finally managed to get a spade in the ground after all the freezing weather? Was it the appearance of the early Spring flowers?

No. I realised that I had been missing my mindful moments for I am proud to call myself a Mindful Gardener!

Pottering for Pleasure

I’ve been in the garden for most of the afternoon today just pottering about. I cut back all the old growth from my perennials and got rid of some early weeds. I purposely leave the old growth as I know the birds and insects benefit from the seeds late in the Winter. Last weekend, I watched as the birds came to feed in the cold and snowy weather. I turned the compost and added some to the garden. It was lovely and crumbly with lots of red worms in it. I was reading over at Fixtures and Flowers about these worms and didn’t know that they don’t like citrus as it can be toxic to them. I did find lots of old orange peel that hadn’t decomposed actually! I then planted some cosmos seeds that I had collected last year. I love the way these annuals fill the gaps in my large cottage border. I checked my rhubarb and covered it up to force it on.

This pottering about serves another purpose for me; it’s a way for me to be mindful of the present moment. A way for me to surround myself with tasks that need no other thoughts. No thoughts about what to cook for tea. No thoughts about what I need to prepare for school in the morning. No thoughts about the washing or shopping. Being in the present moment is about being mindful of that moment and cherishing it..Whilst I’m in my garden, I don’t have to worry or stress about other things and that brings me a sense of peace. I’ve recently discovered a lovely blog .     The blog is called The Mindful Gardener. That’s me too! Growing up, I was always that child up a tree or sat watching the pond. I wasn’t getting up to mischief, I just loved being outside surrounded by nature and finding peace in watching a bee or finding creatures in a stream.

Bees on a lavender flower. Mindful moments.
I love watching bees go about their business.

This is why I’m proud to call myself a Mindful Gardener.

Whether you potter about in your garden, walk your dog, practise yoga or sew beautiful clothes, ensure your hobby is a part of your day. It will help you to unwind and be present in the moment and that will have a positive impact on your physical and mental health.

Are you a Mindful Gardener?

Are you a mindful gardener? Oldhouseintheshires #gardening #mindfulness

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  • That’s exactly what I love about gardening. I’m in the zone, working away just listening to the birds and thinking about nothing much. It’s definitely therapeutic. Also useful, because like those moments between wakefulness and sleep it is when the best ideas come! Oh come on Spring, get a move on..

  • I love it too when I finally get around to it, really is calming to be outside. The kids benefit from being in the garden too and I try and kick them out as much as possible! I am interested to hear about the cosmos, I wonder whether it will grow here in our damp Irish soil as it is one of my favourite flowers from back home in South Africa. I might give it a try, glad I read this! #LGRTStumble

    • Yes, I think you will find it does well Liberty. The seeds are simple to plant; in fact you could plant straight into the soil in May or why not buy a few plants in May to try them out? They are lovely fillers as they are annuals. In the Autumn, you can then collect their seeds for next year for free. Xx

  • I very much enjoy gardening, sadly it’s coming to that time of the year in Dubai when it’s too hot to go outside, I will focus on the indoor plants instead now #tweensteensbeyond

    • Oooh there are some lovely ones and house plants are very much in fashion in the interiors world! Enjoy.

  • It’s so important to find time to just potter and be but it’s easy to be distracted by so many demands (real and imagined) that the times to be mindful get squeezed out of our days. With the snow over (hopefully) I think I will pay my garden some much needed attention for it’s sake and mine. #tweensteensbeyond

  • What a wonderful approach to gardening. I agree, I think gardening should be prescribed on the NHS for anxiety. I always feel a huge sense of satisfaction and peace when I have been pottering in the garden and there is something amazing about watching a seed germinate and grow. Loved this post Sophie, thanks so much for sharing with us at #TweensTeensBeyond

    • Thanks Sharon. Can you imagine if this was given as an option from the NHS? How wonderful that would be!

  • So far this year my gardening has been limited to pulling up some dead plants, and sowing seeds, but even those activities focus my thoughts and stop them wandering all over. It’s been a stressful week for me, and just doing a few garden-related bits and bobs has helped tremendously. #tweensteensbeyond

  • I love this Sophie. We are on the same page this week with our posts. Gardening does this for me too. I’m awaiting my opportunity to get out there. The weather is teasing. I completely lose myself when I’m gardening. It may be that I’m having a good old think but there is nothing quite like it for escapism. Also best done solo at times. I’m just reading the comments here too. Definitely a mindful pastime for sure. Thanks for sharing with #tweensteensbeyond

    • I agree Nicky! I often read your posts and think, ‘that’s my kind of gal!” Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are keeping well. X

  • My husband and I spent a wonderful afternoon in the garden last week, clearing all the leaves, adding some mulch to the soil, removing the netting from our bulb pots and even mowing the lawn. There is something about the outdoors that helps to alleviate stress and pottering about in the garden is definitely up there as a favourite in our house and one of those things we love to do together. A lovely post Sophie – you always have such good gardening tips. #TweensTeensBeyond

    • Oh thank you Jo! Although this snow is strange in March isn’t it?

  • i can so see how gardening lends itself so easily to mindfulness. The smells, colours, textures can all take you out of ‘doing mode’ and you can ‘be’ while you are pottering. It is definitely an activity, like cooking if you are doing it for pleasure, that easily encourages you to get into ‘flow’. A lovely post.

    • Oh thank you Hayley! It is a really lovely hobby. X

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