The Plans for the Old House…..finally!

And so it begins.

As many of you know, we have been granted planning permission for some major works on the Old House. This took a full year as the building is listed. This means that we have to rightfully respect the history of the house and ask permission to change any part of it.

This week, we met with our lovely builders to look at the plans again and to go through a programme of works to ensure a smooth and efficient build. For example, we shall be without a boiler for a period of time which means no hot water which means no showers! With teenagers (and their mum!), it is vitally important to plan for this! In seriousness though, both children have exams in the summer (one has A Levels and the other has GCSE’s) and we had to be mindful of this when planning when to start and when the build would affect the present house and the ability to shower!

Our plans

We plan to build an Oak Framed wrap around extension to the back of the house. This will fill in the courtyard and replace the ghastly, leaking conservatory at the back. All the gorgeous, old windows will stay, including the lovely bay window.

Old house plans
This courtyard and conservatory will be replaced by an oak framed extension.


Old house plans
The leaking conservatory will go (and yes, I need to clear these plants!)


Old house plans
These windows will stay. The bay window will look directly into our new kitchen.


Old house plans
The view from the sitting room will now look through the new kitchen into the garden.


Old house plans
This window on the left will become a door into the old building. It once was a door by the looks of the brickwork. Underneath the old bench is a well which we hope to expose and have in our new kitchen floor.


Old house plans
This is a side extension which has the main bathroom in downstairs. We plan to rebuild this and have permission to put another bathroom above which will be an en-suite.


Old house plans
This is the front of the house. The garage will go and will be replaced by an oak framed garage.

I hope this gives you a little more detail about what we plan to do. We also have permission to replace the roof and recondition the Georgian windows at the front. We won’t be doing all this work all at once but hope to take our time to create our forever home.

I will be posting regular updates which I’m very excited to share with all of you. That is one of the reason I started the Old House in the Shires blog in the first place! I just hope now that everything goes to plan but I’m happy also to go with the flow. I think we have to with such a large build. Take care everyone!

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