Choosing a New Shed for the Old House Garden.

We already have a shed; it was left in the Old House garden by the previous owners. In fact, it is every Gardener’s dream shed because it was left FULL UP with garden tools, gadgets, 2 mowers and an old fashioned lawn roller! However, hubbie has more gadgets, tools and thingyme bobs in the garage and house; you name it, he has it. He is the gadget king when it comes to DIY and gardening! As the garage is coming down in a month’s time to make way for a new garage and extension, he needed a place to put these too.
A new shed was in order!

Where to look when buying a new shed.

We looked at the local garden centre but they were very expensive so we looked online and came across Shedstore. Well, why would you NOT buy from this site! Its called SHED STORE and the choice is enormous! In fact, we got a bit carried away as the space left from the cat building was huge and we started to look at summer houses and log cabins! There are so many fabulous garden buildings that you can choose from! They have everything from kids playhouses to large log cabins and everything in between. If you are looking for a shed, this is the site for you.


On the Shedstore site they have metal and wooden sheds but we wanted ours to match the other wooden shed and archway that we already have, so opted for a wooden shed. This is the one that we ordered and it’s  8×6′ (2.4×1.8m) Shed-Plus Overlap Pressure Treated Pent Shed priced at £309.99. It has a guarantee for 15 years against rot and has 6 inches more of eaves storage than many other sheds. We also liked that the fact that the design was turned on it’s side and the door was on the longest side. This fits well into the design we have for this part of the garden. It’s important to measure your space and think about where you will put your shed so that it fits! With Shedstore, it’s easy to get carried away as there is so much choice!

8’x6′ (2.4×1.8m) Shed-Plus Overlap Pressure Treated Pent Shed

Choosing where to put your shed.

On the Shedstore website, there is a handy tab that lets you choose your shed depending on your space. When you click on your measurements, you are given an extensive choice. This was great if you are unsure what you really want; after all it’s not everyday that you buy a shed! Ordering is easy, quick and you can choose delivery there and then. After deciding that the huge expanse left from the cat building would be a better pond (and being distracted for a few weeks whilst building the said new pond!) we finally ordered the shed we wanted and delivery was swift. It then turned very cold and we even had snow so the new flat packed shed had to sit in the garage for a whole month. However, once this cold spell went, we could get on and put up our new shed.

Putting up the shed.

We laid a concrete base. This stops your new shed from getting damp.
We then laid blocks to prop the shed up on.
The base of the shed can then be put on the concrete base.
It was a windy day and I was the ‘helper’….you can imagine how I felt!!


Putting the windows in was not easy…in fact the instructions were hard to follow so I would advise you to read them and read them again!


I then got fed up and left Hubbie to carry on with this! I made us a cuppa instead…..


Hooray! It’s finished! It took about 3 hours in total.


The new shed looks great and now we need to finish this area…that’s the next project.

*We had already chosen to buy from Shedstore but the very kind people at Shedstore gave us a discount for our honest review. I would have bought from them anyway so all thoughts are my own.

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  • We are hoping to put in a shed this year to relieve the garage of all the things for the yard. I do have a question though. Why do you put concrete block on top of the poured concrete? Can I just pour the concrete to be taller than the yard and put the shed on that? #AnythingGoes

    • Oh Heather, you would have thought so wouldn’t you!! Apparently, according to my DIY Hubbie, the wood needs to be off the ground to stop rising damp or something!

  • Your new shed looks brilliant! I’m quite keen on the door being on the longest side too.
    The colour of the wood also matches the colour of the house’s brick.
    Hopefully there’s plenty of space to store all the tool when your renovations start 🙂

    • It does thank you Kevin!
      How are you? Hope you are ok. Our renovations stat in about a month! Eek….

  • Oh wow, I’m impressed! We’ve actually been looking for an itty bitty shed so will check this out. I’m with you Sophie, the local garden centres can be really expensive and don’t always have a big selection to choose from. Your shed looks fab! Fancy leaving a ‘full’ shed behind when moving 😄. Thanks for joining us for the #dreamteam xx

    • I know right?! I think they were retiring and couldn’t be bothered to clear it but that’s ok! Haha.
      Honestly, Shedstore…amazing variety and service.

  • I’m impressed that was put up in 3 hours , I’ve been known to take that long constructing an IKEA bookcase!! It looks great! #dreamteam

    • Haha! Those Ikea flat packs are a nightmare aren’t they? Honestly, this was really simple.

  • Shed store sound like an excellent company to use. Your shed looks fab. I won’t go on much longer about being envious of your garden, honest!!!! #MyGloriousGardens

    • Ah thanks Lucy. Thanks for linking up. X

  • The new shed looks great! I can’t wait to see what you put in it and what you do with the surrounding area. I hope it starts warming up there soon so you can enjoy the outdoors more! #MyGloriousGardens

    • Oh me too Ann! It’s still so cold here with horrid cold rain….😳

  • Must be nice to have a brand new one! Mine will need replacing in a year or two – I’ve already had to re-felt the roof once. I’m thinking I might get more of a summer house – one with a store attached round the back. It’s nice to have the option of sitting in something like that at the bottom of the garden but always need somewhere to keep tools and stiff. Havent got room for a shed and a summerhouse, so will be looking out for a combination of the two. #MyGloriousGardens

    • Oh that sounds like a great idea. I wouldn’t be able to get in this shed as it’s full of tools!

  • Your new shed looks great. We have a large shed at the moment but it is full to the brim with my husbands essentials so are looking around for a bike shed and also a log shed. #mygloriousgardens

    • Oh I know! Thai shed is already full of tools! 😳

  • I learnt something or two here, ( the concrete and the blocks )I am in the process of buying a small shed type summer house. Thanks for tips about shedstore too. #mygloriousgardens

  • This was a really interesting post, as Ross and I have been planning to incorporate a shed into our garden, though I suspect we will be building ours and it will look much more rustic and homemade than your gorgeous shed! Not sure whether the chookhouse or the garden shed will be built first!!!

    • Chookhouse! Ah how lovely! Yes, we bought our shed but a homemade one would look amazing too. Good luck with those projects!

  • What a lovely shed! I miss having a shed. Well, I do have one, but it’s currently hiding under a carpet of ivy (the ivy I mentioned in another comment).
    Ivy really is the bane of my gardening life haha!
    I hope your shed never ends up like mine, Sophie!

    • I think our whole garden was a whole pile of ivy once upon a time. I would just rip it out as much as you can Emma. It’s tough as old boots so will grow back but at least you can see what you’re doing a bit more!

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