Oh! How the Old House Garden has changed!

When I went self hosted a few weeks ago, none of my photographs transferred so I have been systematically going through each post and making sure the photographs are in the places I want them to be. This is an ongoing process and it will get done but actually, it’s a good thing because I can review each post in turn. I have been enjoying looking at photographs of the changes we have made in the garden and thought a review post was in order!

We moved into the Old House on 1st February 2016 so have lived here for just over 2 years. In that time, the garden has changed beyond recognition and we have done all the work ourselves. This has been tough at times as we both work and we also have a family to consider but it has been fun too. We are very proud of all we have achieved in a relatively short period of time.

The amazing changes to the Cottage Border

The first job we tackled was removing the Leylandii . Luckily, we know a man who is a tree surgeon so he came and helped us. The tree was huge and not allowing any light into the garden. Our neighbours were delighted that the tree came down too! I would never plant this tree unless you have a huge garden as they grow quickly and can be very invasive.

Removing the Leylandii
The tree came down slowly and was huge!

We then made a border here which I call the Cottage border as we filled it with cottage plants. I love the look of this border as it is always changing.

Review of the old house garden
The cottage border May 2017 -we found the statue in the garden.
Review of the Old House Garden
The Cottage Border in the summer 2017

What we did in the middle part of the Garden.

It’s strange to think that this part of the garden once looked very dark. It had an old path running all the way into the woodland and there was an old washing line all the way at the bottom of the garden!

Review of the he Old House Garden
The Middle part of the garden in Feb 2016

There were two old apple trees and the lawn was mossy. There were no borders well there was this…..

Review of the Old House Garden

Its so difficult to see but you will have to believe me when I say this is the same area now with the brand new shed.

The new shed looks great and now we need to finish this area…that’s the next project!
Review of the old house garden
The new wildlife pond is our current project in the garden. This is exactly where the old Leylandii used to be and is behind the Cottage border. I took this photograph yesterday.

The greenhouse and a place for vegetables.

This part of the garden has completely changed and to be honest, we never had a plan in our heads beforehand! This space just evolved and we think it looks great!

Review of the old house garden
The middle part of the garden April 2017
Review of the old house garden
The same area in May 2017
Review of the old house garden
A place to grow vegetables


Creating the Rose Garden

This was a huge project for us because it involved lots of hard landscaping which we had never tackled before. Creating a Rose Garden  was something that I had always wanted to do and I’m excited to see how this area will look this summer. We finished it in the Autumn of 2017, so there are few more roses I would like to buy for this area.

Review of the old house garden
March 2017 the area looked like this.
The new Rose Garden September 2017

The woodland

The very end of the garden used to be a mass of nettles and brambles. We ‘found’ the pond and I replanted the area around it and took out lots of old leaves and mud. It was a success and we have frogs, newts, slow worms and hedgehogs that visit. Unfortunately, a tree limb fell into the pond last summer and tore the already degrading lining of this pond hence why we are building a new wildlife pond.

Review of the old house garden
The woodland part of the garden in March 2017
Wildlife pond
The pond in the old house garden in April 2017. To allow hedgehogs to wander in from other places, we left the boundary as it was and added a dog proof fence further up the garden to stop Dottie escaping into nearb fields!
Review of the old house garden
We shall keep this pond in the woodland. I took this photograph yesterday so the frogs are back and have been active!

Enjoying the Old House garden

We have really enjoyed the Old House Garden over the last two years and I know that we shall continue to enjoy it for years to come. We hope to finish any major jobs by the end of 2018 but who knows what will happen? That’s why I love this place so much. I hope you enjoy all the photographs as much as I have whilst I have been reviewing them!

Review of the old house garden
Cinema Night
Review of the old house garden
Playing with cousins
Review of the old house garden
Dottie and Primrose love sunning themselves
Review of the old house garden
Tiger the cat loves her Capnip!

Thanks for reading!

Oh! How the old house garden has changed!

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  • Loved reading this and find myself quite (very?) envious!! Husband’s work currently moves us every 2 years and I’m desperate to be settled and have our own garden to work on. You have so many features here that I’m longing to work on, especially a wildlife pond and bog garden. A great read!

  • The garden is looking wonderful Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

  • You’ve done a beautiful job on the garden! It looks so lovely. Enjoy the coming Spring as we in Australia head into Autumn!!!

    • Hello Jane! How are you?
      Yes, we are about to come out of hibernation here…..although the weather could be snow over Easter weekend. Xx

  • What a transformation, Sophie. The garden looks amazing. What a difference a little love and some hard work make.

    • Thanks Norah! Back out there in a second. I have 2 weeks off for Easter so we are finishing the wildlife pond. #alwaysaproject 🤓

  • Great to see all the changes. I’ve been looking at photos from my garden from this day last year and it is amazing how things have changed. Love these records.

    • Yes, it really is. It’s easy to forget how much we have done.

  • Looks like all your hard work on the garden is paying off! I can’t imagine having that much space to work with. I have a hard enough time keeping a squirrel out of my containers! Loved looking at your photos. Keep up the good work! #MyGloriousGardens

    • Thank you Ann and thanks for linking to #MyGloriousGardens this month. X

  • You’ve made some fabulous changes, it’s looking really good. Amazing to find that statue! I do like the little box hedge around your vegetable garden too, lovely! #MyGloriousGardens

  • Oh my goodness. You have achieved so much. I am in awe! I wish we had a garden the size of yours but realistically it would never get finished if I did!

    • Thanks!
      It’s certainly an ongoing project for sure. X

  • The changes are amazing. You have done so much already and it is all looking great. #mygloriousgardens

  • You’ve done so much Sophie and the garden looks fantastic. It’s great looking back through old photos and seeing how much you have achieved! Congratulations!

    • Oh hello Jane! So lovely to hear from you. Thank you so much! It’s definately a project of love!

  • Wow Sophie, what a transformation! You’ve done ana amazing job.

    My favourite has to be the border(??) where the shed now lives. I have an invasion of ivy that I need to tackle, but I have no clue where to start as there are normal plants tied up in the mix.

    This garden looks like it will serve you and your family well for many years to come. You should be proud! 🙂

    • Thanks Emma! We really are. It’s been a real labour if love with no real plan tbh. The pond area is looking fabulous now. All we need now is some sunshine!

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