20 Things Parents Say That Are Pointless For Teenagers But We Say Anyway!

My daughter turns 18 this weekend.

HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? Time goes by so fast doesn’t it? Before you blink, they have changed from babies to school children. Before you turn around they are going OUT. It’s crazy how quickly this last 5 years have flown by. I mean it was 2010 last year wasn’t it??

20 things that parents say that are pointless to teenagers.
My daughter aged 20 months. Wasn’t she cute!

Over the last few weeks, I have been thinking about my daughter (obviously) but I have also been thinking about all those things that I must have said over the years during my journey of parenting teenagers. All the things, perhaps that are the most pointless things from a teenagers perspective but parents say anyway! My teens are often reminding me how stupid I sound sometimes but, as parents, we can’t help it right?

1. Did you go to the toilet before we left home? Ur…I’m 17.

2. Can you get the chicken out of the freezer? I’ll do it in a minute.

3. You got a parcel this morning but I wasn’t in, sorry. Mum! I need that top for tonight!!

4. You could get the hoover out if you’re bored. O.k. But no, I’m not that bored, thanks.

5.  Can’t you wear shoes like a normal person? I like wearing socks outside in the rain.

6. Do I need to stop the car?? Obviously not (rolls eyes…)

7. Is this Madonna/Wham/some other group from the 80’s? OMG how old ARE you?

8. No? Oh, is it Stormzy? *spits out drink

9. Did you know that Kylie Kardashian called her baby after Stormzy? 👌🤪😂

10. Can you come down for tea and don’t forget to wash your hands! On my way! I’ll just finish this text…..

11. Do we need milk/bread/biscuits? Of course, stupid question.

12. No one ever helps around here! I’m always helping around here!

13. You are all so lazy! OMG if you only knew how much homework I have…actually…

14. Don’t tell me you need a clean shirt? Have you poilished your shoes? I told you I needed a shirt! Or did I? You’re my mother aren’t you?? These shoes are fine!

15. You forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer! Oh yeah………

16. Who is Megan? Do I know Megan? Is it the Megan that we met at the school play? Oh….no, I don’t know that Megan. Noooo, you don’t know Megan…..told you.

17. Calls cats names, dogs name, cousins name always before your name. My name is the one you gave me woman!

18. Can you come down here NOW! Tea is ON THE TABLE (it’s not quite…) I’m just finishing this text and it’s not in the table!

19. Have you done your homework? Yes. (No).

20. You will thank me one day. Probably. X

Happy Birthday to my lovely girl.xx

Pointless things parents say to their teen

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  • Haha! Mine is ALWAYS “Have you cleaned your teeth?”!! I think I will be saying that as they lower my coffin! Great post as always my friend xx

  • I hope your daughter has a lovely birthday! I’m sure I’ll be repeating all of these when my daughter reaches teen age! #thatfridaylinky

  • I shared this on pinterest. I’ve got one teen and two more behind him, this was great!

  • Haha! Loving this so funny and yes I have used them all Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

  • Because my fourth son just got his license, I will add to the list: “Did you think to buy gas while you were out?”

    • Yes! And….drive carefully in this weather (snow, ice, wind, rain, sunshine….)

  • I love saying to my 19 year old daughter “you won’t understand this until you have a family of your own!” Usually get an ugh! out of her…

  • Haha yes as a father to a teenage girl getting those things coming through, even more so you are embossing me dad, dad when we stop can I turn down the radio?
    Anyway happy birthday to your daughter Sophie

  • Hee, hee thesemade me smile because I can remeber these exact conversations with my mum #dreamteam

  • Very true my 19 year old step son lives with me and I agree with all of these. Especially the dinner one, in fact I end up texting him to get him from his filthy bedroom telling him dinner is ready and he generally eats it cold!

    • I know right?? What is that all about?!

  • Hope you daughter has a lovely birthday x I am not looking forward to the teenage years with mine because my sisters and I were horrible teens, until I moved out when I was 18! For now I’ll stick with my 2 under 2 and hope they don’t grow up too quickly! #DreamTeam

    • No Jayne, you don’t want to wish the time away….too precious. X

  • Happy 18th Birthday! We’ve said pretty much all of these things to the Tubblet over the years. And will forever, even when she’s got a house, a partner, pets and kids of her own ..

  • It’s not even what we say half the time, it’s how we say it, or that we even say it — pointless, pointless … until they need money! #DreamTeam

    • Until they need money……or a lift! Too true. X

  • This is brilliant! Gives me a heads up to what’s coming my way in the future! #DreamTeam

    Soffy // themumaffairs.blogspot.com

  • Oh god I already recognise a lot of these and my son is still 11. I think he’s hitting teenagedom early. Loved no.17 I definitely do that! #dreamteam

  • Happy birthday to your daughter! Oh time does fly by so fast. #dreamteam

  • mine is 21 next birthday, i have absolutely no idea how that happened. Surely i cant be that old! #dreamteam

    • Fun and games and lots of swapping of clothes I can imagine!

  • I remember having a touch of that teenage attitude myself as a child – I’m not sure I’m looking forward to getting it from my daughter when she gets older! #dreamteam

    • Haha! Yes me too….maybe it’s pay back!

    • Isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by my blog. X

  • Oh good golly I am not sure I am strong enough do deal with teenagers I struggle already with my 7yr old. #DreamTeam

  • Lol, great post! I don’t have kids (yet), but I’m sure I’ll say all these and more when the time comes. Happy birthday to your daughter! #DreamTeam

  • All this seems so far from my current world of 6 & 4 year olds. But we do already have a surprising amount of eye-rolling! A very amusing post, thanks. #dreamteamlinky

  • “My name is the one you gave me, woman!” I think all moms get the mom brain and will go through all the dogs’ names, husband’s name, every other family member and might eventually get to the one they’re trying to think of!

  • Hahaha! My little girl is only 1 years old so I’ve still got all this to come. The joys of being a parent!! #DreamTeam

  • It never changes either. When I was 32 and on holiday for my mother’s 60th Birthday she told one day in a supermarket that I really didn’t need to buy a sandwich as I wasn’t hungry and it would be lunch time soon – what!!!! I am 32 I know if I am hungry…. I look forward to saying all the same things to my kids once they are big #dreamteam

  • Haha I heard myself say a few of those and my eldest is 8! Good to know #17 gets any better 😂😂 #dreamteam

  • Happy birthday to your daughter. Mine is not even teenagers yet and I have to deal with short, uninterested replies already. I can’t stand it when I talk or ask them something and they so focused on what they doing and don’t even know that I exist for those few seconds. Then all of a sudden the reply comes “What you saying” or “Did you say something” #dreamteam

    • Oh absolutely Noleen! I get that all the time….

  • That’s such a lovely post Sophie! I can imagine saying all these things to Little Button when she’s a teen. Happy birthday to your daughter! Does anyone ever stop saying number 1 – did you go to the toilet before we left? 🙂 Thanks so much for guest hosting with us on the #Dreamteam linky this week. It’s been such a pleasure having you. xx

    • Ah thanks Annette! I really enjoyed it so thank you for having me. Xx

  • Haha, I’ve got all this to come! Except I have a boy so it’ll probably be a slight variation, I’m sure! This is just me popping over from last week’s #DreamTeam as I’m rubbish and I forgot! Thanks for guest hosting for us! xxx

    • Yes! Now it’s me the kids remind…..’mum, have you been to the loo?” Haha

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