Six on Saturday: Spring is here!

Here are my Six on Saturday and finally, Spring is here! We have enjoyed some Spring sunshine this week after such a cold spell. The garden is waking quickly now and you can see the growth each day. I have been busy weeding, mulching and sowing seeds this week. It’s been a busy time as we have also finished the wildlife pond.

If you would like to join in with this weekly meme started over at The Propagator, take a look here.

6 on Saturday; spring is here!
Japanese Quince

I love when all the blossom comes onto the trees and shrubs but we don’t have any yet in the Old house garden. I love the flowers on this beautiful Japanese Quince. I think the flowers look like jewels and the colour is so vivid.

6 on Saturday: Spring is here!
The peony is emerging quickly in this sunshine.

I have a large Tree Peony and it has loved the cold weather we had this Winter. It is now emerging quickly and you can see the buds are already formed. This peony has beautiful, large yellow flowers. We have a number if peonies in the Old House garden and they are one of my favourite plants.

6 on Saturday: Spring is here!

The Fritallaria bulbs I planted two years ago are flowering again and look amazing. I love that there is a white flower in amongst the purple ones.

6 on Saturday: Spring is here!
Euphorbia amygdaloides ‘Purpurea’

We have many different Euphobia’s growing in the Old house garden but I love this one! It’s purple with gorgeous lime flowers and it looks amazing amongst the Spring flowers.

6 on Saturday: Spring is here!
Epimedium perralderianum

I hadn’t noticed this plant before as it’s in a very shady, secluded spot in the Old house garden. Isn’t it pretty? I love the pale yellow flowers and the leaves are a bronze colour. Anyone know anything about this plant?

6 on Saturday: Spring is here!

I love Primroses. We have so many in the Old house garden that they grow in the lawn and in the walls. This one has popped up in one of the walls of the raised beds we put in last year. I have moved some this year and they are so hardy. They don’t mind being moved and will grow in the poorest of soil. They are valuable at this time of year for insects to feed from.

Well that is my 6! I will leave you with a photo of my new pond which I am very proud of! If you would like to join in with #MyGloriousGardens linky this month you can do here.


6 on Saturday: Spring is here!
The new wildlife pond


  • Beautiful photos as always. Your new pond is a very nice, it’s a success! Is there a pump with a filter or is it a wild pond?

    • It’s a wildlife pond Fred. No pump or filter. It’s looking very green today so hopefully will settle soon.

    • It’s lovely isn’t it? It self seeds everywhere though!

  • The pond is fantastic, so you should be proud indeed. I love your mystery plant. Hopefully someone will identify it so I can get one for me!

    • Thank you Lora. I’m really pleased with it although my friends puppy fell in it today! It was fine; it was quite funny actually!

  • Lovely quince, always one of my favourite winter flowers. I have a couple, but they are badly damaged by the chickens..still need to grow into their glory

  • What a beautiful 6 you posted. The pond is very good with those flat stones around the edge.

    • Thank you Jane. We reused an old path that was underneath the lawn!

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