Clever Energy-Saving DIY Ideas Anyone Can Implement.

Most people would agree that it is important to try and save energy in the home. If you also believe this, then you are probably forever on the lookout for some good clever energy-saving ideas which you can implement in your own home. As it happens, it is pretty easy to save energy in your home without making big, drastic changes. Most of all, it is just about those smaller changes which you will find add up to make an enormous difference. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best energy-saving DIY ideas which you can probably easily get behind. As long as you try these out, you will be surprised with how much energy you can really save in the long run.


Most lighting in the home is somewhat wasteful, and it can often seem as though there is not much to do about it. But there are a number of ways in which you can change up the lights in your home so as to improve the energy usage in the building. One of the best is to switch to LED for some of the smaller lighting uses, such as to light the underside of cupboards or instead of lamps. Placed and installed correctly, LED can be a surprisingly good alternative which can replace a good deal of other lighting around the home. It’s worth taking a look at somewhere like Https:// and using your imagination to see where in your home you could use LED lighting rather than the more traditional kinds. This alone could make a marked difference to how much energy you use.


We have old, sash windows in the old house which desperately need repairing, the sash’s have broken and it is tricky to open some of them but I love them! Having a listed property means that we can’t just change the windows although we can repair them, and we will at some point. However, there some amazing sash windows that are plastic but look just like wood. I would love to use these but may have to get secondary glazing instead to save energy. To save energy in a new home, I would choose double or triple glazing if I could. Having always had a new home until now, it’s been quite a shock living in the old house sometimes as it can be cold.

Clever energy-saving day ideas
Old sash windows in these lovely Georgian homes in Bath.

Installing Insulation

Probably the number one concern when you are trying to keep the warmth in in the home is to use insulation. This is something which we all know about, and yet relatively few people really know what kind of insulaton they should use around their home or why. What is also hugely important is understanding where in the home insulation might be the most important, but fortunately the answer to that is pretty simple. As long as you are insulating the roof and the walls, you can be sure that you are covered and thereby saving a lot more energy. The roof is the part that really matters, and it’s there you will want to focus on most of all if you want to save energy in this way.


The drainage has its part to play as well, not least because when you have proper drainage it means that you are much less likely to waste water as a household. Therefore, you should make sure that your drainage is as up to date as possible, and that it is not causing any water problems which might be causing you as a household to use more water than necessary. As long as you have seen to this, you can be sure that your home will be much greener on the whole. See for more on drainage. You can also use water butts in the garden so that you are recycling rainwater in times when it is dry.

Turn down the heating

One of the most simple energy-saving tips is to turn down the heating. You won’t even notice a change if you turn down your thermostat by just 2 or 3 degrees but you will in your energy bill! You can also turn down the water temperature, put lids on your pans when cooking, turn down the temperature on your washing machine and dry your washing outside. All of these small things can make a huge difference. The reason I know this is because we have installed an energy meter and it shows us how much energy we are using and it’s really helpful! Just turning off lights can cut consumption. You can ask your energy provider to fit one for you and it’s free if you pay your energy bills. We also plan to change the boiler when we have our renovations and I’m hoping this will make a huge difference in saving energy. It’s not always easy in an old house but everyone should make an effort to save energy in my opinion.

So that’s it! I hope some of these tips prove useful to you.

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Clever energy-saving day ideas anyone can implement. Oldhouseintheshires #renovations

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  • I would love to set up a rain barrel to water the gardens with when we’re short on rain. I found a large barrel last week (looks like it had antifreeze in it) that i’d like to get cleaned out and use. We switched to LED light through out the house, too. The heat will always be a source of contention. I don’t mind it being a bit colder to save on energy while my other half enjoys it a couple degrees warmer 🙂

    • That’s a great idea Eric. Thanks for stopping by. X

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