Six on Saturday: It’s all about a little touch of sunshine!

Hello everyone and I’m a little late with my Six on Saturday but we have been ultra busy today. We have visited RHS Cardiff this morning, had lunch at Tredegar House on our way home, had a quick look at the house and gardens and then home for some gardening in this glorious sunshine! It’s been 17 degrees this afternoon in Wiltshire so we felt energised to get in the garden for the last few hours of the afternoon.

If you are unfamiliar with the meme, Six on Saturday, take a look at The Propagator Blog for the participant guide.

6 on Saturday;

This is such a lovely little Alpine with stunning pink flowers! It’s looks so pretty against the white pebbles around the new pond.

Six on Saturday. Oldhouseintheshires #gardening

I’m really pleased to have seen a number of frogs in the new pond already. It’s really thriving and I think we have picked a perfect spot for it. I have moved a few lilies and pond weed from the old pond but will leave the rest in the old pond now until the Autumn as there are newts in it. I will then move any other plants and slowly try to integrate any other wildlife.

Six on Saturday. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening

I’m amazed the new pond is full of life already. The spawn was laid in the pond within a week of us finishing it so I was worried that it would survive. It has and the tadpoles seem to be happy and have enough to eat.

Six on Saturday. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening
The Spring border

We extended the blue border today. It wasn’t planned (it never is!) but we had some stone left over and it now matches the other side in size and looks more symmetrical. The border is full of primroses, forget-me-nots, foxgloves, hyacinths, blue poppies, fritillaries and salvia. I now have room for more!

Six on Saturday. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening
Dottie chasing beeflies

We have seen many bee flies today in the garden. If you have never seen one, google them as they are truly beautiful and almost look cute! Dottie has been chasing them. I couldn’t get a decent photo of one but I thought this photo of Dottie was funny! You can also see the new border which looks much more symmetrical now with the cottage border on the other side.

Six on Saturday. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening

I love it when we see blossom on the trees. This is a cherry that we planted last year and it started flowering whilst we were out today so it was lovely to comeback today to see it.

Thank goodness for this sunshine, it’s supposed to be warm this week so happy gardening everyone!




  • Amazing, how quickly the new pond’s becoming part of the ecosystem. And as always, Dottie is a photogenic joy.

    • Yes, it was bugging me for a while and, it’s an excuse to fit in more plants!

  • I’ve just been reading some of your posts and enjoyed finding out about your purchase of the old house and your plans for it. What a big task you have ahead of you! Having previously lived in an old house in Sydney (1890) and spending years working on it, I have a good idea of your job. Will follow with interest.

    • Thank you so much Jane! I will pop over to your blog to check out more about you too. Do you still live in Sydney? I visited about 25 years ago and loved the city and the surrounding area. The only thing in Australia that I found tricky was all the things that could kill you after finding a redback spider in my bag!

  • That border looks great and I love the layout of your garden. I’ve just added a very small wildlife pond to my garden, it still needs plants adding to it just waiting to see if it is water tight – so looking forward to frogspawn, tadpoles next year.

    • I love a wildlife pond as it’s adds so much to any garden however small.

  • Ponds establish surprisingly quickly and your frogs didn’t have far to go. I sort of get attached to my nursery of babies every year, then become rather detached as I have to go over the lawn before cutting it to collect any froglets that are exploring outside the pond. Then I start finding young adults in the greenhouse, shed, once even inside the car. The relief when those that have made it to full adulthood leave home and I get some peace and quiet again. I’ve now realised that I have not planted a single Saxifrage in my new alpine beds. Back to the catalogue ….. More room for plants = Heaven. Enjoy!

    • Thanks for stopping by John. Yes, I’m the same…I can sit and watch a pond for a long time watching the tadpoles. Only yesterday my Hubbie was about to mow the lawn and I was sweeping it looking for adult frogs….found 4!

  • So enjoyed my visit to your garden and ponds! My saxifrage will look like your pretty pink blooms next week, I hope!

    • Oh we had such a lovely time Paul. Did you buy anything at RHS Cardiff?

  • Hmm a pond. When we get shot of the trampoline perhaps. It’s a shady corner though. Can one have a shady pond?

    • Well a sunny spot is better but any spot is good! Although perhaps wait until the trampoline is gone?

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