My Garden Bucket List Top 5, Spring 2018

There are some lovely garden buys this Spring and there are many that I have my eye on! All would look fabulous in the Old House Garden  or in any garden for that matter! I would love to buy all of these and although at the moment we are saving for the extension, I can still look! Here are my garden bucket list top 5 items Spring 2018.

1. Green Metal Bench.

5 top garden bucket list this spring. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening
Garden bench by House of Bath

I have had my eye on a metal bench for a while now but there has always been something else to spend my money on! This is a wonderfully, classic bench which would love fabulous in the Rose Garden. It is called The Woodland Bench and comes with the pretty, green cushion and you know how I love green! It’s by House of Bath and is priced at £169.99. I thought that was a great price as a reclaimed one would cost about that or a little more. I think I would choose a new one rather than a reclaimed as some of the reclaimed benches I have seen are either quite rusted or broken in places. I love this pretty, green bench so this is top of my bucket list this spring!

2. Large, Lounging Bean Bag

5 top garden bucket list Spring 2018. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening
Large Beanbags by

Aren’t these large beanbags great? They would be great for our teenagers or for when we have film nights in the Old House garden. These are called Extreme Lounging BeanBags and they are quilted. They come in different colours and are priced at £139.95. You can find these at

3. A Hammock

Top 5 garden bucket list for the Spring 2018. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening
Hammock by Amara.

I have always wanted a hammock and I love this one from Amara called Amazonas priced at £188. I love the netting effect on this one although I’m not sure cream is such a practical colour! This one has a capacity for 200kg so is easily large enough for two (or more!). How lovely would this be under my apple tree overlooking my pond?

4. A New Greenhouse

My top 5 garden bucket list for this Spring 2018. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening
A new Greenhouse
My top 5 garden bucket list for this Spring 2018. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening
A new Greenhouse

We went to the RHS Cardiff show on Saturday and I spotted a few Greenhouses that were just delightful! I would absolutely love a new greenhouse but we need to save our money for the extension really. A girl can look though! I think I would like a traditional greenhouse with wood rather than be all glass. I love the one in the first picture as it opens on the side and was octagonal in shape. Its called The Shramshall and is by Woodpecker Joinery. It is made from red cedar wood and is priced at £2895 which included VAT, delivery and installation.

5. A Pair of Large Stone Urns.

My top 5 garden bucket list. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening
Beechfield Reclaimation, Devizes

We visited a reclamation yard a few weeks ago as we would like to get either one or a pair of large, stone urns for the Old House garden. They had so many lovely ones! For a while, we were going to buy new ones as they are cheaper in fact but since visiting here we have changed our minds. There are so many lovely, reclaimed garden items that may make their way into my garden!

There you have my garden bucket list top 5 for this spring. My actual bucket list was too long for this post but I hope you get some ideas from it.

What are you looking to buy for your garden in the near future or what’s on your garden bucket list?

*I have not been paid to promote any of these products, I just love them all. Any links in this post are there just for your convenience. Any people selling these products are very, very welcome to get in touch as I would love to hear from you!


My garden bucket list top 5. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening


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