6 on Saturday: it’s all about tulips!

This meme was started over at The Propagator blog. It’s a fun way of showing 6 things that are in your garden right now. Here are mine and they are all tulips. This sudden, sunny weather has made them all open and they are looking amazing. I don’t have loads of tulips but the ones I do have are just lovely and a really welcome site after the slow start to Spring. I have to be honest I don’t know all of their names so any help would be great!

Tulips in the Old House garden

6 on Saturday: it’s all about tulips!
Frilled pink.
6 on Saturday: it’s all about tulips. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening
Green and pink tulip.
6 on Saturday; it’s all about tulips. #gardening.
I have no memory of planning these. Aren’t they a beautiful colour?
6 on Saturday; it’s all about tulips! Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening
I think these are called Angélique tulips.
6 on Saturday; it’s all about tulips. Oldhouseintheshires.#gardening
Purple tulip

My last photo is of fritillaria and forget-me-nots growing right at the end of the garden.

6 on Saturday; it’s all about tulips. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening
fritillaria and forget-me-nots

Well, there are my 6! Have a super rest of the the weekend and happy gardening.


  • oh the green and pink one! lovely!
    What is the white tulip with yellow splashes in your header? It is glorious too!

    • I think that’s a rouge daffoldil to be honest!

  • Lovely six – clever you growing Fritallaria and forget-me-nots together. Like you I often forget which tulips I have planted and end up rummaging through old bulb bags in the shed to remember (or checking my emails from last year to see the original order). I particularly like your green and pink tulip.

    • I just forget which and where I have planted them that’s the problem! Although the green and pink one is in an old fine bath and so I do know that this has 3 layers of pink and white tulips.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Gorgeous pictures you showed us ! My favorite goes to the first one…lovely !

    • Thanks Fred. That’s my favourite too.

  • Lovely selection. The green and pink one reminds me of a variety I used to grow called “Amazing Grace” though I think the petals on mine were arranged more densely. You might look it up on the web and see if photos of the flower shape (more than the colour as the green veining was variable from flower to flower) match how yours look or have looked.

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