My Glorious Gardens April Linky Round Up Post

Here is the April #MyGloriousGardens Round up post! Hasn’t the weather been strange? One minute it’s boiling hot and the next, freezing cold here in Wiltshire. My garden is confused and so am I!
Anyway, we had 16 linkers in April with some lovely posts. I’m afraid a couple of links led nowhere so I can’t comment on these or read them. Thank you to everyone for taking part and for continuing to grow this garden linky party. As always, I share your posts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and StumbleUpon so I hope that you have new readers finding your blogs. If you haven’t yet commented on any posts, please do that so that everyone who links up gets some comments.

Here are the linkers:

The Mindful Gardener

This month Ali linked 3 posts from her blog. I particularly loved her post about how optimistic gardening makes her feel. That wandering and wondering we do as gardeners as we take a stroll around our gardens; no real purpose in mind but jobs still get done. The mindfulness of gardening is something that I have posted about but this post just explains it in such a glorious way….take your spade for a walk. Lovely. If you haven’t popped over to Ali’s blog, do. It’s an inspirational place with very readable content. Thanks again, Ali!

Kids of the Wild

Just the name of Lucy’s blog pulls me in as I think she loves wildlife and nature as much as me! Lucy home educates her children and posted a lovely post about getting outside, even in Winter, to enjoy the garden and all it has to offer. This post talks about biodynamics; the science of planting using the moon and sun to determine the best time to plant different things. This is something I have never heard so it was interesting to learn something new. Thank you Lucy and good luck with your outdoor activities. Here is a link to Biodynamics if you would like to learn more.

The Next Best Thing to Mummy

Hello Karen, lovely to see you this month! Karen linked a post about gardening with children. We all know gardening is such a lovely hobby but it is also important to teach children to learn about where plants, fruits and vegetables come from. It’s also fun and there are lots of gardening jobs that children love. Hope to see you link again soon.

Gardening limited

Hello again to Ann. I love that Ann’s post are just so pinable so if you love Pinterest, drop over to Ann’s for lots of inspiration! This month, Ann linked a post about how to grow plants from seeds. Growing from seeds is not only easy but it’s also a much cheaper option for growing plants. For clear steps and guidance, this post is great. Thanks again Ann.


Paul is a regular linker and he often links posts about gardens that he has visited which is why I started this linky in the first place. I love that this post talks about the inspiration that these visits bring. Having visited Hillier gardens in Hampshire, he uses ideas from what he has seen to inspire tips to improve your own garden. Visiting gardens would be my advice when planning a new garden, as it does give you such great ideas. Thank you Paul; I love this post!


Louisa linked a fab post about how her garden has changed. I love these types of posts because when you don’t make note of the changes, it difficult to actually see what has changed. Don’t you think? I’m also generally nosey! Taking photos and looking back is really helpful though. I hope you link up again Louisa; we would love to see how your garden develops!


Hello to another regular linker, Thomas. Thomas linked a useful post about what to do when your soil is waterlogged. We really have experienced a range of weather in the U.K. in the past few months haven’t we? We had snow about 5 weeks ago and hot,sunny weather only 1 week ago so it’s been a challenge. Thomas always writes useful and informative posts so do head over to his blog for a professional’s view.


Hello Jane! Lovely to see you again! Ahhh Scampie, what a lovely tribute for him by planting a tea garden and that now other plants are there to remember various loved family members. I love all the explanation about the different herbal teas; camomile and peppermint being my favourite. What a very different garden to one we would find in the U.K. but then other plants are so very similar; it’s fascinating. Jane really does have such a range of plants so do pop over and see her posts about her stunning garden.


Emma linked last week so lovely to see you back this month too with two super posts. My favourite was a super post about preparing your flower garden for the spring with some essential jobs. Removing all of the weed; such good advice and one I am guilty of not doing. I often have a dandelion invasion because I allow just one flower to seed and then have hundreds! It’s such a pain to be honest especially as I don’t use chemicals. Thank you for the useful post, Emma.

There we have it; another round up post complete. Thank you lovely people for continuing to support this linky. I’ve been developing my Pinterest and StumbleUpon social media accounts so I hope you will find that your posts get some love this way too!

See you on May 1st for the May linky party. Until then, enjoy your garden!

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  • Thank you Sophie for all your lovely comments and also for providing this linky. It’s a great forum for connecting up with like-minded bloggers and gardeners!

    • Thanks for joining in Jane. Always lovely to have your posts. X

  • Thanks for including me Sophie! Pinterest is awesome! I get most of my traffic from there, so I’m always finding ways to create images to get them repinned. Its been a lot of work but worth it so far. I’m looking forward to the linky party in May!

    • Yes, I’m just discovering Pinterest and I know that I repon many of your pins as they are so lovely. I now use socialoomph which I have used for about 4 months for twitter without releasing that I could also use it to schedule pins for Pinterest. Going to try this next so we shall see!

  • Such a beautiful flower photo – saying bonjour from me in France via #anythinggoes linky. Wishing you a great week 🙂

    • That sounds awesome. I really want to go to Holland one year to see all the tulip fields. It’s on the wish list!

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