6 on Saturday: it’s a long weekend!

It looks as if we are in for some warm weather this May Day weekend which will be lovely. The garden is just about to take off and it just needs a little warmth now for it to really take off this Spring.

6 on Saturday is a meme started by The Propagatorblog. It’s a place to share 6 things in your garden and it’s a lovely meme to join in with.

1. Acer love. 

6 on Saturday: it’s a long weekend. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening
My Acer is looking splendid. I love the red leaves that have appeared in the last 2 weeks.

2. Blooms about to appear.

6 on Saturday: it’s a long weekend. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening
6 on Saturday; it’s a long weekend. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening

3. Seedlings and Vegetables.

6 on Saturday; it’s a long weekend. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening
Finally, I have some seedlings and some vegetables in the greenhouse.

4. Pond update: the water is green! 

6 on Saturday: it’s a long weekend. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening
My pond is green! Any suggestions??

5. The meadow area is planted.

6 on Saturday: it’s a long weekend. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening.
The meadow area is planted (forget the patio circle as we hope to finish this soon!)

6. Tree Peony is just about to flower.

6 on Saturday; it’s a long weekend. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening
Lovely tree peony.

There is my 6! Hope you enjoy it.

If you fancy joining in with the #MyGloriousGardens inky party -the May party is live NOW. 



  • Lovely six once more 😀love the flowers coming out, all the excitement bursting though, the greening up of the pond is pretty natural with new ponds, it’s the algae eating up all the nutrients that the fresh water holds, will settle down after a time, if not barley straw helps to settle it , can be brought as straw or in liquid form

    • Thank you Thomas my gardening guru friend! That is what I thought but I think the newts have taken off for pastures new in disgust. I hope they return soon!

      • Lol they should still be there somewhere 😀 or maybe under nearby rocks

  • Very beautiful pictures as usual! About your green water I think we all have the same problem in the spring … With the sun and heat, the algae arrive and I need to change my UV LED in the pond (and I also add Biobooster bacteria that eat the waste and clean the pond)

    • I’m going to add more plants to see if that helps…..

    • Hello Mrs N! Lovely to meet you and welcome to the gardening club! I shall pop over to your soon to read more about you. X

  • Your have an algae bloom. There are several causes (not enough plants, too many fish in the pond, too much dead yard waste like grass clippings and tree leaves in the pond that have decayed and dropped to the bottom of the pond creating a heavy layer of “pond muck”, lawn fertilizer run off, etc.). Try adding more plants to the pond. The plants need the same things in the water that the algae need only plants do it more efficiently than algae. The addition of more plants may help.

    • Thank you Sandra…this is good advice and I thought as much. It’s only happened in the last few days so I shall buy some more plants tomorrow I think.

  • Just a little envious of your tree peony. I planted my first one in the winter. It is the only peony that has never emerged in spring! Will stick to herbaceous and intersectionals, and admire tree peonies from afar!
    Ali recently posted…Six on Saturday: Vintage SilkMy Profile

    • Do you know Ali…it was here when we moved in with 6 fiends! I’m in peony heaven and they are all about to burst! I’m about to burst too as I love them! They have loved the very cold winter so are covered in buds……😄

  • Your red peony looks the same as mine – I guess you are in the same boat as they were there when you moved in. You don’t know the name do you? I want to get more of the same but I don’t have a clue which one it is

    • Hi Fiona,
      This one of mine is a dark pink and i think it’s Kansas. It’s really spectacular for about a week with large bowl like dark pink frilly flowers. Hope that helps. X

    • I think it may burst into life tomorrow.

  • I should have known someone would show off their peonies to remind me of the cool flowers I can not grow. That allium looks rad too. I see them in catalogues, but not in any gardens. I know that someone must purchase them because the nurseries continue to grow them. I just do not know of anyone who grows them.

    • Show off?? Moi? You wait until next week and I’ll really show off my peonies! Haha

      • Well, I have better climate and soil than anyone! I just can not get a picture of the climate, or even the weather, and the soil looks like . . . well, it looks like dirt. boo hoo

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