6 on Saturday: it’s all about peonies!

I have a love affair with peonies. They are my favourite flower. I know that they tease us with their buds, flower quickly and then die back but the glory of their flowers is so beautiful for me that I would happily wait all year for just one day of these beautiful blooms! This week my 6 on Saturday is dedicated to peonies. This meme was started over at The Propergator. It’s a way of noting six things in your garden, right now and is a fun meme to join in with.

1. Tree peony ludlowii 

6 on Saturday: it’s all about peonies! Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening #flowers #peonies

6 on Saturday: it’s all about peonies! Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening #peonies #flowers #treepeonies

I took these photos yesterday and my yellow tree peony is looking gorgeous and the bees love them! The flowers are    abundant this year.

2. Tree peony Delavayi

6 on Saturday; it’s all about peonies! Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening, #peonies. #flowers
I love the red almost burgundy flowers in this tree peony flowering in my front garden.

3. Herbaceous Peony Big Ben

6 on Saturday; it’s all about peonies. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening #peonies
Isn’t this spectacular? This was the bud that I posted last week….it’s now covered in buds with this one gorgeous flower so should look even more beautiful next week.

4. Herbaceous peony, Reine Hortense 

6 on Saturday: it’s all about peonies! Oldhouseintheshires. #peonies. #gardening
Now I have a confession…this and picture number 5 were taken last year. Both peonies are in bud but are deciding to be a little late…..

5. Herbaceous peony, Shirley temple.

6 on Saturday; it’s all about peonies. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening #peonies
This peony tends to flower a little later than my others but it’s stunning isn’t it?

6. Herbaceous peony gay paree

6 on Saturday; it’s all about peonies! Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening #peonies
I have just planted this one…..I will have to wait about 3-4 years for it to flower but just look! It will be stunning and worth the wait.


I hope you have enjoyed some of my peonies and don’t mind that they aren’t all in flower yet in the Old House garden.

Some helpful peony advice

  • Be patient. Peonies take a while to mature and flower.
  • Peonies like sunshine so consider this when planting.
  • They don’t like being overwatered.
  • Peonies love to be fed. I add manure in early spring and continue to feed regularly throughout the summer.
  • Tree peonies are best pruned in Spring but this will sacrifice the flowers for that year.
  • Don’t plant them too deep and plant in the Autumn so they can get comfy before Winter.

6 on Saturday; it’s all about peonies! Oldhouseintheshires. #peonies. #gardening


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    • They really are! They went ‘out of fashion’ for a while but they are definately around again and I wonder whether Megan will have some in her royal bouquet.

  • Your flower of tree peony Delavayi is wonderful! I just have a herbaceous one but it’s an unknown … It really looks like the Reine Hortense you showed us but as you said, they are still budding at this moment …

    • Oooh but don’t you think that is part of the excitement Fred? I was a bit naughty to post when some are not quite out but couldn’t resist!

  • They are just magnificent! No wonder you love them. I haven’t had much luck, so thank you for your growing tips.

    • They don’t like too much water when they are planted and they like to be left in a sunny spot. Mine are also in a very sheltered spot with a wall behind them facing south.

  • Loved this post. I am a big fan of peonies and we have good conditions for them but we had to remove ludlowii as it got really huge really quickly! I have never tried delavayi but guess it has similar vigour?

    • Ooh I think so! Mine is over 9ft tall and about the same wide. I took all the dead branches off in December and there are loads of new shoots. You do need a large space that’s for sure!

      • So much for that plan. If I plant another tree peony ( we have one unnamed one which I love) I am tempted to invest in a true P. rockii.

  • I planted ‘Gay Paree’ last winter and had a couple of flowers in its first year so you might not have to wait! It is also worth advising against covering the crown with mulch – I make a ring around mine, so that the mulch doesn’t rot the crown. You have a lovely selection.
    Ali recently posted…Six on Saturday: bits of fluffMy Profile

    • Oooh did you? How exciting then! I will keep an eye out for buds….none yet though. Yes, true about the crown. I can see mine but I do put manure on them once a year and they seem to be ok. Thanks for the tips!

    • Oh I so agree Gill. Thanks for stopping by. X

  • I do like a peony but apparently, they are “too much” for our garden…. But he has no taste 🙂 They are beautiful

    • No taste indeed! Haha sneaky garden centre visit?

  • Who couldn’t love a peony? Yours are gorgeous. Sadly, their flowering is too often the signal for vicious spring storms, but if that happens, I’ve discovered that they last even longer in a vase, and you can see them up close.

    • Ooh that’s a great idea….I will hold out but if that rain comes…thanks!

  • So beautiful. I dream of an abundance of peonies (so gone for the herbaceous varieties, in tints of nostalgic pinks and whites) – I’ll definitely take your tips to heart! Stunning collection!

  • I should have been expecting someone to feature a flower that I can not grow! Even with the tulips finishing, there is always something! You know, some people grow peonies as far south as the Santa Monica Mountains (at least in the higher elevations – which are not really that high, but they do get s slight bit of a chill in winter). Our neighbors in Beverly Hills had some; and even they could not explain why they did as well as they did. There is not even enough chill for apples there!
    ‘Shirley Temple’ certainly looks more white than pink! My garden parcels in Brookdale are just a short distance up the hill behind one of Shirley Temple’s old homes.

    • It’s me! Haha
      I think they need cold winters so no, it would be tricky where you are to grow them but you can view from afar….🤓

      • They are marginal here. I do not grow them, but some people do; and no one seems to know why they do well in some spots but not others. Those that I saw down south were really baffling. I am there in January, and I know it does not get very cold. It gets a bit colder here, but that is not always cold enough.

  • So beautiful! I used to work in a garden that had an (inherited) area that was given over to just paeonies. It was absolutely stunning at this time of year. Some of them have quite a good scent as well.
    thequiltinggardener recently posted…Six on Saturday 12/05/18My Profile

    • Do but be prepared to wait a while for a flower or buy the biggest one you can!

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