6 on Saturday; it’s all about roses!

I’ve had a bit of a blogging break for report writing and have been enjoying spending my free time doing the #30daywildchallenge. However, I haven’t written a 6 on Saturday post for a few weeks so I thought it’s time to share what is happening in the Old House Garden!

This week I thought I would showcase some of my roses that are just beginning to flower and they are looking glorious! We created a Rose garden  last Autumn so I’ve been waiting to see how it gets on. Well, it’s looking amazing and the roses are beginning to fill the space with such a lovely smell. Here are some of the flowers growing in the Old House garden right now and it’s all about roses!

1. David Austin Olivia Rose.

Y on Saturday; it’s all about roses! Oldhouseintheshires. #roses #gardening
I love peonies so I was looking forward to seeing these blooms and they don’t disappoint! Just look at how stunning they are!? They smell good too.

2. David Austin The Generous Gardener

6 on Saturday; it’s all about roses! Oldhouseintheshires #roses #gardening
This is more delicate than Olivia Rose and paler in colour.

3. David Austin Felicite Perpetue.

6 on Saturday; it’s all about roses. Oldhouseintheshires. #roses. #gardening
This is a rambler that I planted just over 2 years ago. It is covered in blooms. It’s a lovely pale pink that turns to white as it opens.

4. Rose Handel.

6 on Saturday; it’s all roses. Oldhouseintheshires. #roses #gardening
This Rose has never flowered before and was in the Old House garden when we moved in. I cut all these old roses right back this year and this one is flowering! I think it is Handel. Let me know if you think it’s another variety.

5. David Austin Francesca

6 on Saturday; it’s all about roses. Oldhouseintheshires. #roses #gardening
It’s yellow! I know I do love pink roses but this one is so sunny and happy! This Rose was in a pot that we brought from our old house. We popped it into the back of a border and I must admit, I forgot about it! This year, it is an explosion of buds and flowers and it looks so pretty!

6. Wild Rose

6 on Saturday; it’s all about roses. Oldhouseintheshires. #roses. #gardening
This was another rose that was here when we moved to the Old House. I cut it right back and I know it’s a wild rambling rose but any suggestions on which variety it is?

These are my 6.

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  • These are so lovely. I used to grow Felicite Perpetue when I had a big enough garden to accommodate lots of roses. Takes me right back to those days!

    • Yes, it’s already grown quite large! I want it to cover a wide archway.

    • It really is, thank you. I think it was the horse manure that I packed in!

  • And here I am about to go out and choose roses for several areas in the garden here. Divine yours are, simply divine!

    • Thank you. I especially love Olivia Rose and it smells divine too!

      • I need to navigate different plants here. It’s quite the adventure as we set about renovating the yard ….

          • We are. New England is different to England, of course but not so different that I am not eagerly lapping up your lovely pictures and when you have time, your advice too 🙂

          • Ask away lovely. I shall always help if I can. x

    • Thank you Gill. Do you have any of these varieties?

  • So healthy and beautiful! I can smell them from here. Some day I may grow roses beyond the few climbers, rugosa and shrub ones here. Oh and ONE David Austin which is not looking a great this year.

  • Thank you for sharing – I am a rose addict. If I had to choose a favourite from yours I think it would be the Generous Gardener.

    • Oh I love roses too and Peonies of course! I love Olivia Rose -its so compact and a profuse flowerer.x

  • Goodness, you do have a wealth of beauty in your garden, Sophie. Peonies are my favourite and the sight of yours is sublime. xx

  • I love Felicitie Perpetue, but the thorns are pretty fierce! I’ve got one growing up an obelisk – this year I cut down almost to the ground because it was tangled and messy, and it has covered the obelisk again within a matter of weeks.

    • Ah that’s good to know June as i’m Going to have to chop it back next year.

  • This is my kind of Six on Saturday; highlighting six flowers of a category. However, I will try to be more creative in the future, with a variety of other plants. I do not know what either of those unidentified roses are, but they are my favorites of these six. ‘Handel’ looks like a floribunda, but without sideshoots. I like the flower because it is shaped like a hybrid tea rose. I wol dnot have a clue about the rambler.

    • I not particularly creative then….. but I do love this 6. I think Handel is my favourite. I have a Rosa mundi just about to flower at the front of the house and that is a beauty but i’ll Save that for next week.

      • Not particularly creative? It shows what the flowers look like up close, and if it accomplishes that in a different manner than what the rest of us are doing, then it is creative.

  • Beautiful Six. They’re all gorgeous but my vote would go to Generous Gardener if I could only choose one. I love pink roses but when I planted mine I was working to a colour theme (abandoned shortly afterwards!).
    thequiltinggardener recently posted…Six on Saturday 09/06/18My Profile

    • They are gorgeous and such a special English flower. X

  • Those are so wonderful! Shame the blog post doesn’t come with scratch and sniff 🙂
    Tubbs recently posted…NiceMy Profile

    • Now THAt would be amazing wouldn’t it!?

    • OOh lovely roses. I hope to visit soon too. x

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