Six on Saturday: Midsummer glory.

Here we are and it’s Midsummer already. The weather is hot and sunny, Hubbie is mowing the lawn and the Old House garden is growing like crazy. It is looking great at the moment although we could do with some rain here in Wiltshire.

Here are my 6. It was tricky to choose this week.

If you would like to join in with this meme do head over to The Propagator blog.

1. Cosmos

6 on Saturday; midsummer glory. Oldhouseintheshires. #cosmos
Cosmos but not as we know it. Must have been a mix up as I grew these from seeds! It’s very lovely though.

2. Lavender 

Six on Saturday: Midsummer glory.
The lavender that we planted in the Autumn is beginning to form a hedge which is what we wanted, in the Rose Garden.

3. The Pond.

Six on Saturday; Midsummer glory. Oldhouseintheshires.#pond
The wildlife pond is looking…well wild! The irises that I moved from the old pond have gone slightly bonkers! I might see if the neighbours want some……it’s full of newts, tadpoles and emerging dragonflies so it’s doing really well.

4. Sweet peas.

Six on Saturday; Midsummer glory. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening
The sweet peas are just beginning to flower and have covered an old stump. There is a very large ants nest in the stump and the sweet peas seem to like it!

5. Mystery plant.

Six on Saturday; Midsummer glory. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardening
When we dug the pond in March, we moved lots of soil and this has popped up! I think it’s a euphorbia. I left it to see what would grow and it has these pretty red flowers. Can anyone tell me what it is…..? I expect it a rampant weed!

6. A Shropshire Lad

Six on Saturday; midsummer glory. Oldhouseintheshires. #roses
Roses are ladies so although this is A Shropshire Lad, SHE is looking pretty in all her glory! A lovely peachy pink Davis Austin rose with an old fashioned scent. Beautiful and mine!


And in other news….

No it’s not a mini wall for a BBQ but a mini wall and roof tile to meet planners approval. After 18 months, we are FINALLY getting somewhere with our build. Hooray!

You can read about some of our plans for the Old House Here





  • Stunning cosmos that you have ! I love it. Your mysterious plant looks like hypericum because of leaves but not the common one. I will wait for the other opinions on it…

  • #5 looks like Hypericum androsaemum ‘Albury Purple’: purple-leaf St. John’s wort. I have a similar variety which spreads so take care!

    • Yes! It looks like St John’s Wort actually now you’ve said that. Thanks!

  • My first thought for your mystery plant was a Hypericum?
    The Shropshire lad looks gorgeous, such a perfect rose colour

    • I think it is, thanks Ann. Yes, the Rose is lovely. X

  • Is that a salvia in the blue in your first photo? It’s quite a focal point along with the cosmos. A striking colour combination.

    • Yes it is Jane. I have quite a few varieties of Salvia now. I love the different varieties.

    • Hello Cady! How are you? Yes, it is beautiful isn’t it. I have it with Olivia Rose and it is flowering profusely at the moment.

  • Shropshire Lad is a lovely rose, and you just can’t beat the classic sweet peas and lavender. A very fragrant 6 this week!

  • I would concur that it looks like a cultivar of Hypericum androsaemum, but I do not know enough about it. I still reminds me of a euphorb, but I can not remember why. I cannot think of any that look quite like that.

    • I think it may be a St John’s Wort….apparently!

  • I agree that roses are ladies – despite the gender confusion your Shropshire Lad is a beaut. That Cosmos is quite unusual – like lots of little pink trumpets.

  • Hyoericum, as others have said. St johns wort in the common tongue. Good luck with your build, sounds exciting.

    • Thanks Jonathan. I’m excited now….give it a few months I’m sure! St. John’s wort, right…

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