Great Chalfield Manor Gardens in the heat of June.

The wonderful thing about a National Trust Card is that you can pop to any property, event or garden whenever you have a moment and that’s exactly what we did to visit Great Chalfield Manor.  It was a blistering hot day in June and we had a spare few hours so decided to head over to Great Chalfield near Melksham, to see the gardens.

Great Chalfield Manor

The Manor is a text book Medieval Manor in rolling English countryside with a pond and rose gardens. You approach via an old country lane where you have to avoid the tractors! Parking outside, you see a moated house built in the late 15th Century defended by a Gatehouse and wall. The Manor was given to the National Trust in the 1940’s but the descendants of the owners still live there and open the Manor for tours on certain days. No photographs are allowed inside but it is well worth a look. You may know this property as it’s been used as a set location in Wolf Hall and The other Boleyn girl.

Great Chalfield Msnor Gardens in the heat of June. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardenstovisit #gardening
The Manor is only open on certain days so do look on the National Trust website for details.

The Arts and Crafts garden.

Once almost derelict, the Manor was bought by Robert Fuller in 1878 and was restored. He worked tirelessly to make the house as close to the original as possible.

During this time, the gardens were designed and created by the artist and gardener, Alfred Parsons. He created paved walkways, dry stone walls and planted pairs of Yew trees which have now grown to create rooms. The planting we see today is very much kept to the schemes of his design. This beautiful garden is tended by the owners and their volunteers and it was a lovely place to spend a few hours. There is a cute little tea room for refreshments.

Great Chalfield manor in the heat of June. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardenstovisig #nationaltrust
This was my favourite border with planting in yellow and blue. Notice the Yew archway ahead.
Great Chalfield Manor in the heat of June. Oldhouseintheshires. #yewhedge
The Yew room.
Great Chalfield manor gardens in the heat of June. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardenstovisit.
Beautiful English pond with small fountain.

Great Chalfield manor gardens; a lovely place for a wander.

Great Chalfield Manor gardens are a lovely place to spend time. There are Rose arches, large herbaceous borders and a very large, spring fed pond with waterfall. We spent an hour here whilst also visiting the tiny church next to the Manor. It was a thoroughly delightful afternoon. Perhaps combine this visit with Corsham Court or nearby Lacock. I’ll leave you with some more photographs.

Great Chalfield Manor Gardens in the heat of June. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardenstovisit. #verbascums
Verbascums in the sunshine. These have been allowed to self seed along the path.
Great Chalfield manor gardens in the heat of June. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardenstovisit #nationaltrust
Large herbaceous borders.
Great Chalfield manor gardens in the heat of June. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardenstovisit
The Rose Terrace
Great Chalfield manor gardens in the heat of June. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardenstovisit. #nationaltrust #englishmanorhouse
View across the pond towards the Manor.

Great Chalfield manor gardens. Oldhouseintheshires. #gardenstovisit #nationaltrust #englishmanorhouse

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  • What a truly blissful garden that is! I loved reading about the restoration of the house and grounds in the 1870s … that was such a great era for DOING and not being defeated, I always think. I’m very partial to the pond which just has English and felt so cool to stare at when the outside temperature is knocking 90F today 😳 and I do have a particular and unashamed love for lily pads … never sure if that is because I was so much in the habit of searching for kissable frogs or because I fancy myself as a fairy on the lily pad in the style of Stanley Spencer (though she had rather fat ankles as I recall 😂). Anyway, ramble over …. I so enjoyed this little foray into a glorious and oh-so English place and I add it to my ever increasing list of places I simply must visit next time I’m over. I wonder if my mother would manage it? Is it all quite flat?

    • Hi Osyth, it’s a pretty little place. Some flat areas but the paths are old so perhaps trip hazards everywhere. I love a pond too and would love to see Monet’s garden….x

    • Thanks Edna. I love photography and it’s only my iPhone. X

  • What a beautifully kept garden, and I just love the view of the manor from across the pond. I would picnic there for hours. #MyGloriousGardens

    • It is so beautiful Lucy and medieval, so old! Thanks for stopping by this month. Xx

  • Always a little envious of people with decent National Trust properties nearby. East Riding doesn’t have that many and none close enough for me to go to regularly.

    • Oh that’s a real shame!
      We bought our first membership when we visited Cornwall when the children were younger. There are many properties there so it’s worth it if you visit for holidays.

    • Yes it’s a great property for a mooch! Thanks for stopping by. X

  • I love visiting NT properties and have a dreamy idea of what a fabulous job it is to be a gardener there (oh the pressure though!). What a lovely day out and you’re right about the beauty of the membership is that you don’t feel cheated if you can only spend an hour or two.

    • Yes it is such a great thing to have with so many properties to see! Thanks for visiting my blog and joining in with the linky. It’s lovely to meet a new garden blogger. X

  • I really enjoyed this post Sophie, as I’ve always loved Arts and Crafts gardens and your photos are beautiful! You are so lucky to have such easy access to these wonderful old gardens and we are so lucky to be able to read your blogs about them! Thank you x

    • Thankyou Jane! I have so enjoyed June as I’ve visited so many new gardens on my day off. X

  • Thank you for this lovely post Sophie. I really enjoyed reading it as I have always loved Arts and Crafts gardens and your photos are beautiful! You are so lucky to have such easy access to these historic gardens and we are so lucky to be able to read your blogs about them!

  • What a beautiful, peaceful looking garden 🙂 Such a lovely place to wander around … Your photos are stunning.

  • What gorgeous gardens- the photos are lovely! Looks like an idyllic place to visit! #dreamteam

  • That looks like an amazing place! I love the ponds. Something I would love to create in my yard. Also that walkway through the bush is amazing!

    • It really is a pretty place to visit and so old! Can you imagine all the things it has seen? That’s what I love when I visit a new place; the history. Thanks Jeff. X

  • Oh that looks absolutely lovely! I really enjoying visiting things like this, thanks so much for linking up #BloggersBests

  • Beautiful pictures of what is a stunning setting and looks like a fabulous day out. We also have NT membership and use it lots with the kids. There’s some lovely NT places not too far away from us. #thesatsesh

    • Yes, us too Hayley. WE use it loads. x

    • Its certainly a lovely place. Wouldn’t miss it Annette 🙂

  • We’re NT members but I haven’t heard of this property before – the gardens look fantastic #DreamTeam

    • It’s only open on certain days and you are shown around by the family so it’s a bit quirky but lovely too!

  • What a lovely place to visit! I love all the gardens you’ve shared with us here. This one is definitely no exception! The yew archway is quite interesting, I don’t think I’ve seen one of those before. Thank you again for sharing and thank you for letting me cohost #MyGloriousGardens!

    • No but thank you Ann! I love having a cohost! I’m trying to get through all the posts this week ready for the beginning if August.

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