Six on Saturday: Please send water…..

It’s boiling hot here in Wiltshire and we haven’t seen a drop of rain for a month now. My water butts are almost dry and, even though the sunshine is wonderful, a rain shower would be very welcome right now! The garden is loving the sunshine and has grown loads although my rose blooms are only lasting a day which is a real shame. The poor lawn is suffering badly but you can actually see the growth in my vegetables now, daily. I haven’t had much luck with vegetables in the past so I’m proud of my little plot!

If you would like to join in with this meme, do head over to The Propagator Blog for a closer look.

Here’s my six this week.

1. Vegetables

Six on Saturday; send water
Outdoor tomatoes are producing fruit. We had terrible blight last year so we have some in the greenhouse too. So far, everything is looking good.
Six on Saturday; please send water. Oldhouseintheshires. #vegetables
Cucumbers. Also outside and some inthe greenhouse. We have flowers! Note the layer of Slug be gone around my raised beds…this has worked really well folks! They are made from sheeps wool which the slugs hate. Gravel around my beds has also helped.
Six on Saturday; please send water. Oldhouseintheshires. #vegetables
The peppers are loving this heat so we have lots of flowers.
Six on Saturday; please send water. Oldhouseintheshires. #vegetables
Beans. These were planted about 6 weeks ago straight into the ground but we have flowers! I have seeded nasturtiums there too.

2. Phlox

Six on Saturday; please send water. Oldhouseintheshires. #phlox
Phlox. I have a few varieties and they look lovely in the cottage border.
Six on Saturday; please send water. #oldhouseintheshires. #phlox #cottagegardening
This is another phlox I have in a gorgeous purple.

3. Pond Iris

Six on Saturday; please send water. Oldhouseintheshires. #iris
Look at this beautiful purple iris that has flowered in the old house pond! Such a beautiful colour!

4. Hollyhock

Six on Saturday; please send water. Oldhouseintheshires. #hollyhock #gardening
I had terrible time with rust a few years ago in my hollyhocks and had to burn them all. I’m trying again and so far so good. The yellow flowers are just gorgeous and huge…!

5. Astrantia

Six on Saturday; please send water. Oldhouseintheshires. #astrantia #flowers
I love the pretty little flowers of this Astrantia Major Alba. This plant is doing ok but I’ve lost another in the drought in a border which I didn’t mulch……lesson learnt.
Six on Saturday; please send water. Oldhouseintheshires. #astrantia #flowers
They is Astrantia minor; a smaller version and in a pretty pink.

6. Growth!

Six on Saturday; please send water. Oldhouseintheshires. #wildplanting
Look at the growth in this part of the garden! This is covering a large ants nest in a stump of a tree believe it or not. I love the borage even though it’s seen as a weed to some. The bees love this area too.

I hope you have enjoyed my six. I know the garden looks lush but it’s bone dry and I will have to get the hosepipe out soon. How is everyone else coping?

In other news…… the back of the house now looks like this…..

Six on Saturday; please send water. Oldhouseintheshires. #renovations
The old house renovations….Dottie looking suitably impressed!


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  • I really love the Astrantia. Its centre is so pretty, it’s like getting a double dose of loveliness. And the hollyhock is gorgeously frilly. I grew them last year, but we had such a dry spring the flowers were very small.

    • Yes, they are in a shay spot which has helped. Mine had rust a few years ago so these were new in April.

  • I planted my beans ages ago but no flowers yet – plenty of buds though! Interesting Six (although, like me, you sneak in a few more under the pretext of a blanket heading “vegetables”). Beautiful hollyhocks!

  • The last comment seems to have disappeared!! Anyway, lovely Six++, I like sneaking in a few extra photos myself! Beautiful hollyhocks!

  • Lovely yellow hollyhock, so unusual shape! About cucumbers, I hope you have as much as I do because it’s a great year for them! I harvest 4 per days !!…Fortunately my sons love them…

    • Wow that’s great Fred! I hope so…I have so many plants that germinated this year.

  • Glorious photos. Congratulations on the pepper flowers- I don’t have any yet! And that photo of the bean flowers and nasturtium leaves is truly stunning.

    • Thank you Chicu. Hopefully you will have some soon.

  • You’re right, you really can’t tell there’s a drought from your photos – your garden is looking very lush! That pond iris is wonderful.

    • It is at the moment as I’ve been using my large water butts but they are now dry….I shall use the hosepipe unless we get a ban. I’m worried that will happen!

    • Yes, I’m not sure if I’ll get it again. It took out about 20 plants 2 years ago.

  • A lovely selection of flowers Sophie. We are bone dry here too- a rare occurrence! Good luck with your renovations. I won’t be linking up this month. Had too much on of late. x

    • It’s worrying isn’t it Brigid? Don’t worry! See you in August. X

  • That Phlox is a lovely colour and I love the dark stems. Any idea of the variety? I have a very similar iris but it chose not to flower this year; its white flowered neighbour is flowering now.

    • I think it’s Adessa special purple star although it was a gift so I’m not positive.

  • Your garden does look lush, so the watering is paying off. Great veg plot! So, if hollyhocks have rust one year, is that it for them? And the new plants, do you have to plant in a new location?
    Lora Hughes recently posted…Taking the HeatMy Profile

    • Yes, I took out all plants with rust and burnt them.
      I then waited a year.
      These hollyhocks are planted in a different location. Fingers crossed!

  • Those little beans are not much to look at. The nasturtiums look like they are working harder.

    • Yes, the beans haven’t really taken off yet….hoping they will soon.

      • You know how they are. Once they take off, they can make up for lost time, and over-produce.

    • Yes, it is looking good at the moment but I will have to hosepipe from now on if we don’t get any rain. Yes to the major renovation; it’s why I started the blog in fact but it’s taken over 2 years to get to this stage as there is so much red tape with an old house.

  • Tomatoes look great – with all this warm weather are they doing better than your ones inside I wonder? It can get just too hot in the greenhouse. I love hollyhocks – but unfortunately quite a few of your pictures, including that one, wouldn’t download for me.I have a poor internet connection here (off-grid, middle-of-nowhere). Do you reduce size of your images for online use?
    Mum in the Woods recently posted…Experiments in the Kitchen GardenMy Profile

    • I have a plug in that smushes my photo ie make them smaller. Sorry you can’t see them!
      Yes, my outdoor tomoatoes atevdoing much better than the ones in the greenhouse!

  • I’ve been trying to grow astrantia from seed this year. I think I have three little plants from umpteen seeds sown. One each of ruby wedding,hadspens blood and something beginning with b. If i can nurse them through the rest of this year, hope they will do something useful. Good luck with your renovations!

    • I tried too but failed. My greenhouse is ancient and the trees have all grown around it making it too dark. I’m at the crossroads; do I shell out money I haven’t got on a new greenhouse or try to move the one I have…..I can’t decide so carry on with what I have.

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