First Born Child: Moments in Time.

I’m feeling emotional. You see, a few years ago, my daughter started at Primary school but this week it’s her last day at Secondary school. 

First moments

Ok. This wasn’t a few years ago, it was 14 years ago! 14 years ago, my little girl started school. It was a lovely primary school near our house where we walked to school when we could. She had a royal blue cardigan and a book bag that scrapped on the floor as she walked. Her hair was ‘on the side’ as we called it; a side parting with a ponytail on one side of her bobbed, curly hair.  New shoes, bright white, knee length socks and a grey pinafore that reached below her knees. I have no photograph; we just didn’t document everything then. It’s ok. I don’t need a photographic reminder as it’s imprinted in my mind as clear as if it was only a few years ago. Except now, it’s her last day and I feel emotional.

First born child: moments in time. Oldhouseintheshires. #parentingteenagers
I’m sure my daughter started school just a few years ago?

Last moments

First born children experience first born parents. Every first experience is also a first for us parents too. Their first steps, their first tooth, their first day at school, their first sleep-over. It’s an exhausting, empowering and exciting time. However, I’m aware that it is also some of their last moments. Their last day of primary school, loosing their last baby tooth, the last year where they believe in Santa and the last time they hold your hand to cross the road. Parenting can be really tough let’s not make it all rosy, but at times like these all you remember are the memories you built together so you are bound to look backwards. You are bound to replay those precious moments that have become part of your family history.

Looking forward

Sitting and watching the class of 2018 shake the Head Teachers’ hand for the last time made me realise that it’s time to start looking forwards again. To start looking for those ‘firsts’ again rather than those ‘lasts’. The first time I shall drop her off at University, the first time she brings home a serious boyfriend and the first time she calls me to say she misses home. I am bound to feel emotional as there is so much change after the stability of living our lives by terms. However, there is much to be thankful for, much to be proud of and much to look forward to.

First born child: moments in time. Oldhouseintheshires. #parentingteenagers
Reminisce, look forward but also stop, look up and enjoy this moment.

This moment

If your teenager is leaving school or moving away to pastures new remember this; you made it to this moment and helped your child become the emerging adult that they are. It is inevitable to look back and remember all the moments that have marked their childhood. Over this past month, that is all I seem to have been doing! Now is the time to both reminisce and be excited for the future but don’t forget to be proud of this moment. Live and remember this moment. After all, each moment is a ‘stand alone’ moment that builds our bank of family memories.

First born child: moments in time. Oldhouseintheshires. #parentingteenagers

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  • That’s a mammoth achievement, well done… and yes, impossible to not feel a little sad at the passing of time we will never get back… may she fly free and strong

    • Thank you. I feel better having written the post actually…onwards and upwards!

  • It’s a colossus of a milestone and it is right to look back and wonder where it all went. It is also right to put it in it’s box, tied with a pretty ribbon to be peeked into from time to time when the mood inspires, and to cast your eyes forwards on the next leg of the journey. That, too will be gone in a flash and you will be left wondering how on earth you can have clocked up so many miles and still feel entirely showroom shiny!! Promise 😉 xx

  • I know all these feeling so well. I have one daughter. I can remember the day she turned to me while I walked her into school and said “Stop Mom! I can go in myself”. That was Kindergarten. Ha. She is now 26 years old and lives on her own in a downtown apartment about 30 minutes away. I miss her as if she were 3000 miles away. It never lets up. She will come home every few weekends just to sleep in her home bed. Thats when Im happy.

    • Oh Lisa that made me more emotional!! It’s nice that she can pop home Though? I worry that both my children will end up going away to university; my youngest has even talked about going to the US. That would be tough. X

  • Time goes by so fast doesn’t it! It feels like yesterday I was writing my tiny newborn son’s Birth Story on my blog. Now he’s leaving Key Stage 1 and heading into “Juniors”

    • Yes, it flies by in a blink of an eye. Xx

  • It is really incredible how fast time flies by as a Mum, and having watched my half siblings be born, start school, leave school, university and bring home serious significant others, this rings true how quickly it will be our girls doing the same.
    You are so right that we need to focus on the positives of every phase instead of finding a reason to feel sad. Your work is almost done, this is the moment of dreams right?! 😉
    Thanks for linking up with #CoolMumClub and good luck to you all xxx

  • Beautiful photos! I love your advice to stop and reminisce, especially about our sweet babies. It’s too bad our children grow up so quickly, isn’t it? -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    • Hi Marci! lovely to hear from you! You are right…..our sweet babies! xx

    • Ahhhhh….thats a long time but I bet it flew by. x

  • Oh I just LOVE this Sophie and I knew I would when I saw the title earlier in the week! I can feel the emotion coming through the computer screen and can begin to imagine how I will feel too in a few years time…. I will endeavour to cherish these firsts and focus on the firsts rather than the lasts…. wonderful advice…. and of course to BE PRESENT – always. xxxxxxx #blogcrush P.S really good lukck to your daughter with her A level results and whatever she goes on to next and also to your son for his GCSE results too – what a busy household you’ve had over the last few weeks xx

    • Oh so busy Hayley and now…..she’s off to uni! In a few weeks! I need to get organised.

  • We bring our children up to be independent adults but it is so hard to see them go out into the world alone! My son and daughter are 26 and 28 and all those tears I shed thinking we’d never see them again were all for nothing – they are forever coming back to stay in their rooms. The come back in couples now (one already married). So what I’ve learnt is, our children miss us as much as we miss them – and it isn’t long before we all find a way back to each other again xx

    • Do you know Maria? I think you are right! I can imgine they will be back…lots! Xx

  • It all goes by so fast doesn’t it – I will soon stop breastfeeding our youngest but am hanging on as I don’t want her to grow up! #bloggersbest

  • Oh gosh, I was so emotional reading this! My eldest is moving into KS2 in September so we’re still a few years off this stage, but so much of what you said still rings true and the time really is flying past so quickly. Congratulations on making it this far! And yes – there are still lots of new memories to be made #blogcrush
    Lucy At Home recently posted…The Importance of Cause And Effect In ParentingMy Profile

    • Those transitions are hard to accept sometimes…..x

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