My name is Sophie and I started this blog as a way of documenting changes we made to the old house and garden. This quickly evolved and I have fallen in love with blogging! I am a teacher who works varying hours so some weeks I blog most days but there are weeks when I don’t blog at all.

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The Old House

We bought the old house and moved in on 1st February 2016 and it’s become more than just a house. It’s our dream home (well it will be with a bit of tlc!) It needs care and love which I hope our family can provide. We hope to make it our home forever so there’s no rush. We’ve started with the garden so there are lots of garden related blog posts here! We are learning as the garden evolves; it’s all trial and error. The old house is in Wiltshire in the UK and I live here with my husband, 2 teenagers, 1 bonkers dog and 2 old cats.
I love wildlife, gardening, teaching, eating out, reading, writing, travelling, cake (who doesn’t!) and growing my own veg……

Dog in the snow
Lovely Dottie in the snow.

Our Plans for the Old House

Later in 2018 we hope to begin a Kitchen extension and remodel the old house. It is a listed home which means we have to get special planning to change anything first. It was built in 1830 and has some original features but lots of damp and it needs a new roof but we still love it’s character and quirkiness!

I tend to blog about the old house, it’s garden, education advice and parenting dilemmas. It’s a varied mix so this blog is not a parenting or gardening blog. It’s not an educational blog either. It’s an eclectic mix like a rambling old, quirky house which I hope you enjoy reading.

I’m love to interact with other bloggers so do comment and we can chat about our roses or our children, over a cuppa.