Tricky Veggies: The 5 Most Difficult Vegetables to Grow

Growing your food is one of the simplest ways to enjoy freshly-picked and chemical free produce any time of the day. Doing so will not only save you money but more importantly, protect the environment by cutting back your home’s carbon footprint. Vegetable gardening is not as straightforward as planting seeds, watering, and waiting for them to mature into something delicious. It takes time, patience, and knowledge especially when it comes to deciding which plants to grow. Knowing which soil type is best for your plants is also important since not all of them will grow well using the same soil.

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A visit to Corsham Court Gardens and Parkland.

Corsham Court is a privately owned house and gardens in the pretty little town of Corsham in Wiltshire. It is owned by the Meuthen family and has done since 1747 although the house is much older in parts. It has gardens and parklands designed by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown which sweep around the property and go on for 350 acres. A visit was in order to see the formal gardens, enjoy the parklands and visit the house which displays an extensive art collection. We visited on the May bank holiday but it was not busy. It’s the sort of place that you could visit for half a day and either enjoy wandering around Corsham visiting the Alms houses and school room or combine it with a visit to nearby Lacock.

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6 Top Tips For Creating a Garden From Scratch.

There are many people that often tell me, “I wouldn’t know where to start in my garden!” Or “My garden is a pile of weeds so there is no point doing anything.” That’s such a shame as gardening is such a healthy hobby. It’s good for us physically and it’s good for the soul as it brings such pleasure. What could be more lovely than being surrounded by beautiful plants or pretty flowers, especially if you have helped to nurture them? Or how about eating your own produce? This post is dedicated to all of you who would like to create a garden from scratch and are not sure how to go about it.

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My Garden Bucket List Top 5, Spring 2018

There are some lovely garden buys this Spring and there are many that I have my eye on! All would look fabulous in the Old House Garden  or in any garden for that matter! I would love to buy all of these and although at the moment we are saving for the extension, I can still look! Here are my garden bucket list top 5 items Spring 2018.

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Clever Energy-Saving DIY Ideas Anyone Can Implement.

Most people would agree that it is important to try and save energy in the home. If you also believe this, then you are probably forever on the lookout for some good clever energy-saving ideas which you can implement in your own home. As it happens, it is pretty easy to save energy in your home without making big, drastic changes. Most of all, it is just about those smaller changes which you will find add up to make an enormous difference. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best energy-saving DIY ideas which you can probably easily get behind. As long as you try these out, you will be surprised with how much energy you can really save in the long run.

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Creating a Wildlife Pond in the Old House Garden

We started this project in February when we decided to move the Building that the cats slept in! Honestly, that was all the little house was used for! It also took up room and light so a new area was in order! The old pond liner has degraded so much it is full of holes so we decided to create a wildlife pond in this space. What we hadn’t expected was the cold and snowy weather we had in March which really put our plans behind. However, this Easter we have finished the wildlife pond and it looks fabulous!

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When Old Homes Throw Temperature Tantrums

We all love our old homes for what they are. The truest sense of love is not about possession and treating it like it’s a mere trinket in your pocket. The way you really love someone, or something is about appreciation. The problem is, old homes have their own personalities that they have shaped and made for decades but they do need looking after to maintain their quirks as well as maintaining their value. In this recent cold weather, we have sometimes struggled to control the temperature in the old house; in fact, we often wake up to condensation on the windows in these freezing temperatures!

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