The old house garden: a weekly round up. 31st May 2017

Ive been so busy that I haven’t written the weekly round up of the old house garden! May is such a busy month in the english garden and the old house garden is no exception! It has grown so much since my last post that I am sure you will really see the difference.
Anyway, here are the photos!

I only planted this border last year and it is looking at it’s best at the moment!

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How to create a family friendly wildlife garden

I make no secret of the fact I love gardening and helping local wildlife in my garden. I love that we have hedgehogs, toads, frogs, newts, slow worms, butterflies, bats and bees in the old house garden. I do not use chemicals at all and always try to find other, organic ways to overcome pests or problems.

A bee visiting a peony in the old house garden

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#My Sunday Photo 14.05.17

We have been planting out the vegetables this weekend. In our vegetable beds we have peas, beans, cucumbers, rhubarb and peppers. I also hope to plant out a pumpkin. In the greenhouse we have tomatoes.

The vegetable beds
The pond area is also looking lovely as the foxgloves are beginning to flower.

Pink Foxglove
Finally, I took some photographs over the weekend which have come out really well. The first is a Clematis taken at night. It was illuminated by the lights and looked so pretty.

Clematis lit at night

The other picture I love is my Meconopsis which is flowering in the old house garden! I am so thrilled as these are quite tricky to grow. There is only one at the moment but another is coming through! These small things make me happy!


I hope you all had a great weekend.


How to brighten up a patio or small outdoor space.

My patio was looking so tired and sad! It needed something to brighten it up but it is south-facing and very hot in the summer so I tend to forget about plants I have planted by the house! Instead, I decided to empty all the old pots and planters I had around the garden and make them into something pretty for this area.

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My Glorious Gardens series: Prior Park Landscape Gardens in Bath.

In this Glorious Gardens post, I went to the National Trust gardens in Bath called The Prior Park Landscape Gardens. This garden was created in the 18th Century by Ralph Allen following advice from Capability Brown. His former home is now a school called Prior Park College, so it is just the gardens that can be visited but how splendid they are!

The Palladian bridge at Prior Park Gardens

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Garden Round Up May 1st.

A few photos of the garden to share with you. The garden has changed so much during this past month. This is the second year that we have lived at the old house so it’s easy to forget what it looked like then! Do have a look at older posts to see more pictures.

Bark Mulch

I have finally begun to weed the older beds and mulched with bark. It’s a long process and I don’t want to be too tidy but this looks much better. I can also see when Hubbard the Hedgehog has visited as he likes to dig in the mulch!

My ericaceous bed with Acer’s.

The acid soil raised bed is planted up. We had lots of inspiration from visits to Exbury and Bowood. We now have Acer’s which I’m so pleased with!

The established bed with yellow Tree Peony
Yellow Peony with a visiting bee

The Tree Peony flowered which was beautiful. The bees loved it!

New fence for roses.

We put up the fence on the other side of the garden and I have planted 3 rambling roses in white and pink here which will look glorious once established.

Red currants
Rhubarb is growing happily

We planted a new red currant bush along the dog proof fence and the rhubarb that we planted last year is growing happily.

Support for my cucumbers

Hubbie made a cucumber support so that we can still grow things underneath it. I planted those out today as I think the frosts are now passed. In the greenhouse we also have peas, tomatoes and peppers growing happily.

Giant Allium

The alliums I planted as bulbs in October are beginning to appear. I had forgotten I had planted these so it’s so great to see them!

Clematis Montana

I have many Clematis in the garden but the Montana is looking splendid. I only planted this last Spring so it is flowering beautifully!

Let’s see what May will bring….