Six on Saturday: Lazy summer days.

Here are my 6 for this Saturday. It rained yesterday which was so wonderful and I actually danced outside! We have enjoyed a busy weekend so sorry this post is a little late! The weather is still wonderfully sunny and hot and we have been enjoying the outside. The garden is looking really stunning at the moment and I would like some more rain to keep it that way!

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A visit to Corsham Court Gardens and Parkland.

Corsham Court is a privately owned house and gardens in the pretty little town of Corsham in Wiltshire. It is owned by the Meuthen family and has done since 1747 although the house is much older in parts. It has gardens and parklands designed by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown which sweep around the property and go on for 350 acres. A visit was in order to see the formal gardens, enjoy the parklands and visit the house which displays an extensive art collection. We visited on the May bank holiday but it was not busy. It’s the sort of place that you could visit for half a day and either enjoy wandering around Corsham visiting the Alms houses and school room or combine it with a visit to nearby Lacock.

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6 on Saturday: it’s all about peonies!

I have a love affair with peonies. They are my favourite flower. I know that they tease us with their buds, flower quickly and then die back but the glory of their flowers is so beautiful for me that I would happily wait all year for just one day of these beautiful blooms! This week my 6 on Saturday is dedicated to peonies. This meme was started over at The Propergator. It’s a way of noting six things in your garden, right now and is a fun meme to join in with.

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6 on Saturday: it’s a long weekend!

It looks as if we are in for some warm weather this May Day weekend which will be lovely. The garden is just about to take off and it just needs a little warmth now for it to really take off this Spring.

6 on Saturday is a meme started by The Propagatorblog. It’s a place to share 6 things in your garden and it’s a lovely meme to join in with.

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#MyGloriousGardens May Link Party

And then it was May….how did that happen?? Welcome to the #MyGloriousGardens May link party! A place to link blog posts about your garden, a garden you have visited, garden tips and advice or, an outdoor experience that you would like to share with the world. Link parties are great for meeting new bloggers, gaining new readers and putting your blog post out there to be enjoyed by others.

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