The Old House and it’s Garden.

The Old House was built in around 1830 so is called a Georgian house in the U.K. due to the reign of all the Georges ending in George IV in 1830. It is a destinctive architectural style found in many Jane Austin novels and very prominent in this area as we are close to the Georgian city of Bath. Due to the age of our home, it is a listed building which means that it is rightly protected from change and any original features must be kept. When we moved in in 2016, we knew that the old house needed renovation but also knew that this may not be possible. We still bought it though as it had such a lovely feel about the place! So far we have concentrated on the garden and you can read about this in many of the blog posts that I write. Recently, we have been granted planning permission to build a kitchen extension after a full year of negotiations. This is very exciting! We are in the process of getting the plans absolutely right as we feel we have a duty to bring this house up to date but be sympathetic to its character.
Here are our plans!


Old house showing a courtyard at the back of the house
This courtyard will become my kitchen


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My main hobby is gardening and anything to do with nature and the outdoors! My hubbie shares my passion especially since we have lived in the old house!
Before living here we lived in a typical new build house with a postage stamp sized garden. I still loved gardening but was frustrated by not being able to do as much as I would have liked. However, time in that house helped me to learn more about plants and what conditions they like to grow. I also had time to use Pinterest to work out how my dream garden would look! Do take a look at all of my boards. Now, we are able to design, build and create our dream garden and it is very exciting!

I will blog about the changes in the old house and in the garden. I also post pictures on my Instagram page which are often from the old house. We have made many changes already and my favourite post is about Creating the rose garden

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The old house showing the back garden and all the meadow flowers
The old house in the summer of 2017.


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Thanks for joining me in the old house garden and beyond.

Dottie dog
Dottie dog often in my posts!


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