The old house garden


My main hobby is gardening and anything to do with nature and the outdoors! My hubbie shares my passion especially since we have lived in the old house!

Before living here we lived in a typical new build house with a postage stamp sized garden. I still loved gardening but was frustrated by not being able to do as much as I would have liked. However, time in that house helped me to learn more about plants and what conditions they like to grow. I also had time to use Pinterest to work out how my dream garden would look! Do take a look at all of my boards. Now, we are able to design, build and create our dream garden and it is very exciting!

Tilly the cat enjoying the sunshine.

I will blog about the changes in the old house garden. I also post daily pictures on my Instagram page which are often from the garden!

Use the categories button on the side widget to select old house garden posts.

Thanks for joining me in the old house garden and beyond.

Removing the Leylandii March 2016
The same area May 2017
The pond March 2016
The pond May 2017
The Greenhouse was a place to store logs in February 2016
This is the same area in May 2017
Any posts about the old house garden will have this picture below.


4 thoughts on “The old house garden

    • Yes! Those shows are great for looking around the country aren’t they! We are close to Bath (12 miles or so) which is a stunningly beautiful city. Where are you Jean? (I’ve just followed you on Twitter)


  • The French may excel at fashion, the Italians at food, the Scandinavians at all that cool design malarkey, but nobody can deny that the English make the best gardens. I’ve learned so much since I started following some English gardening blogs and try my best to emulate your glorious style. We, in the south of Ireland have a dream climate for gardening but it’s hard to get hold of anything beyond bog standard shrubs and bedding plants. Herbacious perennials aren’t popular, possibly because the slugs (we also have the ideal climate for slugs) devour them. Sorry, I’m wittering. Love what you are doing here. Lynda.


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