I write parenting posts from my experience as a parent and from my experience as a teacher of young children. These are my own opinions or stories from when my children were younger. I have taught thousands of children from the age of 3-11 and so do feel that I have quite a lot of experience. For example, I have taught hundreds on 5 years olds so know what a typical 5 year old is like! I also know what variations there are in 5 year olds!
I have 2 children of my own, a boy and a girl but they prefer to stay anonymous. They allow me to post the odd picture but this is always with their permission so you won’t find many pictures of them here. They are teenagers so I’m still a parent but the job has changed and grows alongside my children.
I hope you find my posts informative and helpful. I am always willing to help other parents and will happily engage with you on social media or drop me an email and I will happily reply.

Here are my favourite posts. I hope you enjoy them:

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I enjoy posting pictures of my gorgeous Beddlington terrier, Dottie! You will find many pictures of her on the blog! If parenting was as easy as having a dog, my life would be easy! She also offers me the cuddles that I miss from not having a little one anymore!

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