10 Years ago.

Dear Dad,

10 years?Β Is it really that long?

10 years of not watching my children grow and change to the amazing people they are today.

10 years of not meeting my nieces who were born after you went away.

10 years of not seeing, talking, touching or just being with you.

10 years of not chatting about life decisions; what I should do.

10 years of not sharing a funny puzzle or a game,

10 years without you; it’s just not the same.

10 years of hopefully wishing for just one more day.

10 whole years, every day there are things I wished I could say.

10 years but I’m happy Dad, I just wish you could be here,

10 Years, so that is why today I will shed a tear.

Don’t leave things unforgiven.

Don’t leave words unsaid.

Don’t leave it to fate. It may be too late.

Life is too short.

10 years ago.

Miss you Dad.

Love, Sophie