Six on Saturday: Lazy summer days.

Here are my 6 for this Saturday. It rained yesterday which was so wonderful and I actually danced outside! We have enjoyed a busy weekend so sorry this post is a little late! The weather is still wonderfully sunny and hot and we have been enjoying the outside. The garden is looking really stunning at the moment and I would like some more rain to keep it that way!

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6 on Saturday: A review of 2017 in the old house garden.

I was reading the usual 6 on Saturday posts which I love and Thomas posted about his 6 favourite garden successes of 2017. I thought I would join in too! The weather here in Wiltshire is very stormy with high winds and lashing rain so plans to start digging out the new pond will have to wait!
If you have not joined in with 6 on Saturday before you can find out more from its creator, The Propagator Blog.
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