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As many of you know, I love my Gardens and Gardening! Spring is definitely here and it’s time to celebrate all things garden related!

This Linky is to celebrate all garden photos and posts. Anything garden related can be posted. It may be a post about a great day out with your family, a garden you have visited, your garden or an outdoor place you have visited. I don’t mind anything as long as it is celebrating a Glorious Garden! No posts about other Link parties please.

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Do you EVER sit still? How being active can help your child.

I have a very active family. We never seem to just “Be”. We are always busy. Busy with work, sport, hobbies….just busy! I remember my mum asking me when I was younger, “do you EVER sit still??” And now I ask the same of my own children!

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Spring through the lens of my old camera.

I have been trying out my old camera as I have been inspired by my blogging friend at http://ramblingratz.wordpress.com

Ratz takes the most amazing photos of nature in the garden and the surrounding area. I’ve always used my camera phone to take my blog photos and they are okay but I wanted to take images with more clarity and to focus on more detail. So here goes!


Bluebells. I know they are not all English Bluebells but I still love them! These are growing near the Tree Peony and in the woodland/wildlife area.


I love the bright yellow of this Pom Pom Bush or Kerria Japonica. It has spread all along one of our boundary walls.



Tulips how I love you.


The cherry tree at the front of the house is in full bloom and it is stunning. It’s quite old for a cherry tree and a bit knarly but still glorious! It’s a Japanese Cherry and the bees love it! I’m still perfecting my close up’s! The bees kept moving away before I could get any real decent shots!


Euphorbia in the sunshine.



Bees and frogs!

I’m going to keep playing around with this camera. Thank you Ramblingratz for the inspiration!





The Wildlife Garden -April 2017.

The Wildlife Garden with the pond is looking really great at the moment. This is the area at the bottom of the garden which we cleared in December. There is still a lot of old stone at the very end of this area but the pond area is looking much better. I cleared the pond out last year and planted a few new plants around the edges such as foxgloves and ferns. I also planted some Fritillary bulbs in the Autumn and I’m so pleased to see they are now flowering and looking stunning! There is also cowslips, primroses, grape hyacinths and bluebells appearing too which is fantastic!


The pond itself is full of tadpoles at the moment.


The water itself is not looking too clear so I’m going to add more oxygenating plants to try to improve the water quality. I’m a little concerned that the pond liner is degrading so have added some pebbles around the edge. I really don’t want to have to replace the liner as this would mean having to drain the pond and starting again. Any suggestions from anyone about that? Is there anything else I could do? If not, is Autumn the best time to replace it?

The Cherry tree at the front of the house is looking so pretty too…





Lovely Spring sunshine…..

I love Spring! I love the sunshine and the slight chill to the air. I love the colours in the garden in the beautiful, crisp light that we get at this time of the year. I love the emerging new life as the whole garden seems brand new. My favourite place during Spring is my garden so I haven’t had much time to write! Instead, I have been hard at work, digging, building, weeding and planting.

Here are some photographs I took today:

I have peonies appearing which I love. The tree peony did not flower last year (our first year at the old house) so I have left it as I believe the buds were cut back last year which was why it didn’t flower? I am happy to be corrected on this and if there is a peony expert who would like to advise me, I would be grateful!


The first tadpoles have emerged in the pond. I did see newts eating some of them but I expect that is what newts eat!


We haven’t made any major decisions on the middle garden but we did add these Box plants around the edge of the vegetable beds. The Box on the left was in an old planter and was obviously desperate to spread its roots so we reused this. The new Box plants look very small in comparison but I expect they will catch up eventually!

The animals seem to be loving this lovely Spring weather!

Happy Wednesday everyone. I have got some new ideas for blog posts but equally, I’m enjoying this fabulous Spring sunshine…..right back outside!






Middle garden at the old house takes shape.

During the past year we have been busy transforming the garden at the old house. It was very overgrown when we moved here with old trees, ivy everywhere and rubbish just left to rust. It has been hard work so far but we have really enjoyed it and we have some ideas about what to do next. Last year, we concentrated on the part nearer the house but this year we want to work on the middle part of the garden.

Here are some photographs from when we moved in:

We have worked on the vegetable beds and greenhouse area recently, moving the beds we put in last year as they didn’t get enough light. This was the area last year….

This is the area now…

We have added a huge compost bin and started the path to it behind some new fruit trees. We are trying to only use reclaimed materials from the garden as we have found so much stone buried in the undergrowth! We did have to buy a couple of tonnes of gravel and some stone, just to finish off the area though. The vegetable beds are made from old scafolding boards.

We have also built two raised beds from stone and we would like a seated area here too.

The middle garden now looks like this:


We know that we would like to develop this area more and have talked about making a patio or deck area in the middle with perhaps a summer house on the soil area in the photograph with another pond?

I’m not sure……I would love to hear your suggestions for this area! Any ideas would be welcome in the comments…… thank you!


Oh, here is the woodland/ wildlife area now that we have cleared it….I think I see bluebells coming up and there is lots of frog spawn in the pond too!