#MyGloriousGardens Westonbirt Arboretum in Autumn.

This weekend we decided to visit Westonbirt Arboretum as the weather was so good and it is the perfect time to go to see the Autumn colours. The Arboretum is 3 miles from the lovely town of Tetbury in Gloucestershire and has over 15,000 trees in it’s 17 miles of pathways through the woodlands. There are 2 main parts to the Arboretum; the old Arboretum which was planted in the 1850’s and Silk Wood which is a semi-natural woodland. Silk Wood welcomes dogs so we took Dottie with us. it costs Β£10 per adult and Β£4 for children which we thought was excellent as you could easily stay all day here. There are restaurants, cafes, a shop, toilets and picnic areas plus a playground for children.

Dottie could be off the lead in Silk Wood

The trees were absolutely stunning and many were showing beautiful Autumn colours. It was busy with lots of visitors but we could still find places to walk alone. A map guides you through the best parts and the walks range from 40 minutes to over 3 hours depending on what you want to see.

The treetop walkway allows you look across the tree tops.
Crows nests allow for a better view!

The Treetop walk was great fun and allowed you to see across the Arboretum. There were different maps and trails for children including lift the flap type information along the walkway.

Dogs are welcome in Silk Wood

Dogs are welcome in Silk Wood and there were lots! Dottie had a great time meeting all the different dogs. The paths are well signposted and easily accessible for people in wheelchairs and babies in buggies. There were even lots of children on scooters and bicycles which was lovely as it is quite flat.

I will leave you with lots of photographs but do visit if you get the chance as it is well worth it! They are also planning an Enchanted Christmas show there which is when the Winter woodlands are lit up in the evening and look amazing.

The Autumn light was beautiful; just look at the shadows of the leaves on the tree here.
I love the way the light filters through the needles.
The light hitting the bark on this Maple is stunning.
My favourite place was The Acer Glade with lots of mature specimens.
Acer Palmatum.
The ground looked like it was covered in jewels.
I loved this combination of yellow and red.
Some of the trees were quite mature.
October is the perfect time to visit.
It was a beautiful sunny day -perfect for taking photos!
Views through the Acers.
Autumn Light
Lovely place to visit!

Visit soon as this Autumn display will soon be over.

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Removing the Leylandii

We have been busy in the garden since moving in February. The garden hadn’t been touched for a while and some of the trees were too big for the garden. Others had been badly managed and were leaning into the neighbours gardens. This meant we couldn’t just prune them so some of them had to come out. The first to go was a huge Leylandii which was over 50 foot high and 20 foot across so it really blocked the view down the garden. It also made that part of the garden dark and gloomy. It was a huge job that we couldn’t do ourselves so we got a friend who happens to be Groundsman who could help us.

It came down slowly but it was actually fun to use the chipper! Definitely recommend gloves though! What a difference that made to the light in this first part of the garden!

We found an old statue in the garden.The stump was staying so we added a raised border to this area using old stone that we also found in the garden! Some of the dry stone wall had fallen down in the past so looked great. I really like to reuse things we find as its cheaper but also adds a bit of character. .It needed lots of digging over and we added lots of compost but I’m really pleased how this bed turned out.

We wanted to make the garden into a series of rooms so decided to make this front part centered around a lawned area. We added a large wooden arch so that it created a focal point. When you look out of the lovely Georgian bay window from the sitting room your eye is drawn down the garden and you want to see whats beyond!

During the summer I added lots of cottage perennials that loved this southerly facing place in the garden. It looked really stunning throughout summer and into Autumn.

Im so pleased we took out this Leylandii and I think the neighbours were too. Our cat wasn’t so happy though as she loved to climb it!