The Old House Garden Round up. 14th July 2017. It’s all about sunshine!

It’s been 2 weeks since my last round up and I’m going to take a 2 week blogging break so this will be my last post for a while.

The garden is in it’s prime at the moment. My Mother in Law is here to stay and I’m so pleased she has brought the sunshine with her!

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The Old House Garden Round up: 27th June 2017. It’s all about colour!

It’s been a few weeks since I posted about The Old House Garden. It goes so quickly! There have been lots of subtle changes in regards to growth of the plants we have and some larger changes too! We have enjoyed boiling hot and dry weather here in Wiltshire with rain coming in tomorrow. I have been using the water in the Water Butt to keep the garden looking gorgeous but we are in need of the rain that is forecast as the soil is so dry.

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How to create a family friendly wildlife garden

I make no secret of the fact I love gardening and helping local wildlife in my garden. I love that we have hedgehogs, toads, frogs, newts, slow worms, butterflies, bats and bees in the old house garden. I do not use chemicals at all and always try to find other, organic ways to overcome pests or problems.

A bee visiting a peony in the old house garden

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Garden Round Up May 1st.

A few photos of the garden to share with you. The garden has changed so much during this past month. This is the second year that we have lived at the old house so it’s easy to forget what it looked like then! Do have a look at older posts to see more pictures.

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Spring through the lens of my old camera.

I have been trying out my old camera as I have been inspired by my blogging friend at

Ratz takes the most amazing photos of nature in the garden and the surrounding area. I’ve always used my camera phone to take my blog photos and they are okay but I wanted to take images with more clarity and to focus on more detail. So here goes!


Bluebells. I know they are not all English Bluebells but I still love them! These are growing near the Tree Peony and in the woodland/wildlife area.


I love the bright yellow of this Pom Pom Bush or Kerria Japonica. It has spread all along one of our boundary walls.



Tulips how I love you.


The cherry tree at the front of the house is in full bloom and it is stunning. It’s quite old for a cherry tree and a bit knarly but still glorious! It’s a Japanese Cherry and the bees love it! I’m still perfecting my close up’s! The bees kept moving away before I could get any real decent shots!


Euphorbia in the sunshine.



Bees and frogs!

I’m going to keep playing around with this camera. Thank you Ramblingratz for the inspiration!